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How Much Direct Sunlight Does A Plant Need???

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Harshcore211, Nov 25, 2007.


    Harshcore211 Active Member

    Howdy Everyone, I Was Just Wondering How Much Direct Sunlight Does A Plant Need Thats Being Grown Outdoors. The Planned Circumstances Are That I Have An Atrium Inside My House That Isn't That Larger. (An Atrium Is A Place Outdoors That Is Surrounded By Your House On All Four Sides). It Is Approx About 25 Feet By 25 Feet, Therefore My House Casts Shadows Upon The Open Space Of The Atrium During The Day.

    Will This Be A Problem Growing Outdoors Starting April In So. California? ,Do Plants Feed Off Simple Sun Light Or Direct Sunlight? All Advice Would Be Appreciated.

    I'm A Pretty Smart Guy And I Catch On To Stuff Fast, I Just Want To Keep My Learning Mistakes To A Minimum.

    I Was Also Thinking Of Vegitating In My Backyard And Then moving the plants into my atrium during Flowering (when The Plant Becomes Valuable And Smelly.) Would This Work? ,I Would Love To Take Advantage Of My Atrium In My House, Since The Atrium Would Block Neighborly Views, Potent Smells And Thieves.

    LoopDigga Well-Known Member

    well, lets just say I've planted a seed under a tree, and I got a quarter ounce off of it. They're definitely a hardy plant and can make due with what they're given. I think your atrium would be fine.

    shamegame Well-Known Member

    For many ( most varieties) the more the better. I give my outdoor plants about 9-11 hours/day direct light.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    Since you are planning for the vegetation stage to be away from the atrium, you don't have a problem. The minimum amount of daily sunlight cannabis needs is 6 hours. Flowering stage in the atrium should be fine as long as the plant gets access to the daylight cycles. It can survive the flowering stage in the atrium.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    By daily sunlight I mean 6 hours direct sunlight. 16 hours a day minimum for the vegetation stage.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    How do you get 16 hours of sunlight a day??? I cant seem to get the sun to not go down at night = 0

    You should be fine growing in your Atrium, but you are going to want to try and get the most direct sunlight you can. For instance, what you could do is, put the plant, so that it is all the way up against the WEST wall in the morning. The sun rises in the east, so the WEST wall will see the sun first. You see what I mean?? Then in the middle of the way when the whole Atrium is geting lit up. Move it to the East side, so you get the most direct sunlight when the sun starts to dip below the Atrium.

    I hope you understand, if not then I will try and explain it better again.

    Basically its just moving the plant from on side to the other. It would be a bit of work on your part to do this, but even an extra hour or so of direct sunlight a day, will give you a much better plant.

    Good luck to ya mate <3

    Harshcore211 Active Member

    Thanks. Yeah, I like the idea of vegetating outside the atrium. I would really like to use the atrium during flowering because that is when my plants will become valuable and smelly.

    Harshcore211 Active Member

    Thanks a lot crackinthebox. That's a good idea. I kind of thought of that, but if I forget a day or two will it ruin the plant, since I'm giving it inconsistent cycles? Now that I think about this, this atrium is so cool. It's like my moat for my plants. Thanks a lot.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    I must have been unclear.

    Of the 16 hours of daylight recommended during the vegetation stage, at least 6 hours must be direct sunlight.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    the names jackinthebox... not crackinthebox lol.

    Anyways, if you forget to move the plant its not such a big deal, the plant will still recieve sunlight, just not direct sunlight, which wont be as beneficial. Just think about in nature, some days are cloudy, some days are sunny, some days are rainy. Sunlight is never going to be consistant in an outdoor grow, but giving your plant the most direct sunlight possible, would help it out extremly

    Goodluck to ya mate <3

    budman56 Well-Known Member

    Where do these people get their info???? I grew outside for 15 years and thats all so wrong. If your climate is humid in the fall you make sure unattended plants get earlier in the day sun to dry the dew so mold won't be an issue. I've grown in the woods where the plants only got 3-4 hours direct sun a day and they grew great. People should get some growers guides before they make claims. Depending on the position of your house to the sun and what part of your atrium gets the most sun are the factors to be considered. Also if the sun is weak, the plants will stretch up to the source THEN thicken up so consider that when looking at your atrium. The tops will probably be over 8 ft off the ground UP IN THE SUN. Get on a ladder in your atrium in the sunniest part and then try to imagine what light you really will have on your tops. If light is slight under the plants canopy you can remove the SUCKERS to be used for cloning or to be planted elsewhere , given to good friends, planted for decoys for thieves or simply discarded since your secure garden will give you so much. Planting in good soil IN the ground always gives better results than in containers. I just looked at pictures on this site of a kids backyard plants, one in a container, the other in the ground, side by side. The one in the ground reminds me of when I grew my stuff outside with a stem as thick as your forearm and about 7 foot high and 7 foot wide. The one in the bucket had a stem half that size and was not nearly as big in width (drip line restrictions control width). I have no idea if they are the same age or strain but these proportions are similar to my experiences through the years of growing both ways. Yes, you can get great plants in a bucket, but if you take two clones of the same plant that are identical I'll bet you anything that the one in the ground will be phenominal next to the bucket plant. Obviously if the soil in the ground sucks and the bucket is primo dirt that will affect the results. Buckets have the advantage in the fact that they can have the light hours manipulated by moving them into the dark early in the season for early head stash. I'm not saying don't grow in buckets ever, I'm saying in a secure atrium you can get tremendous results with in the ground plants. Did I mention that I prepared my soil with enough organic material and polymer water retention granules that I never had to go near my plants ALL season til harvest (no watering, no fertilizing, no paths, no people seeing me, NO THIEVES) compared to daily attention and work to make smaller bucket plants. I even used 45 gallon garbage pails. The only time buckets were maintanance free was when I buried the buckets in the ground with large holes in the bottom. Buckets are cool if you need to move them or if you start inside then transplant them outside in the warm weather. Buried buckets can also be unplugged in the fall(great shock to the plant) for late strains that need more time, but your bringing in all the bugs to your grow room. I don't know how private your yard is but no one can be trusted when you have $10,000worth of plants in your yard. I lost a lot of "GOOD" friends over my plants. Some plants outside yield over 1 1/2 pounds if left to mature. I wish I owned an atrium in my house. Heart disease keeps me retired and out of the woods now, so no fun for me LOL I really hope this is helpful to your question. Never say never, and buy a growers guide by the real experts to confirm any advice people give you. It's worth the money to understand the FACTS, not the wives tales. I own many myself and they have always been helpful, even after many years of personal experience.

    Harshcore211 Active Member

    Thanks a lot 56.... I really appreciate you taking the time to reply that long to my inquiry.

    I was definitely planning on investing in a few growing manuals.


    Homerbud Well-Known Member

    My plant got roughly 6 hrs of direct sunlight and she grew from 3.5ft to over 9.5ft tall!

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    budman just curious, whos information are you saying is wrong?

    Also if you are growing in pots, to utlize more sunlight, perhaps you could enlevate your plants off the ground say 5ft? This would give them more direct sunlight then if they were on the ground. Still just throwing ideas out there, trying to give you most sunlight you can.

    Goodluck as always <3
    Your Grandfather

    Your Grandfather Well-Known Member

    I don't think he was speaking of specific people, but rather suggesting there are people here who speak with false knowledge, and those falsehoods turn into 'fact', which is passed on. IMHO

    Overall, I think budman is spot on. But then again, I'm older than the dirt you are planting in 8)

    *These are my opinions and I'm probably wrong.

    surfnskate1147 Active Member

    one question,can you leave the plant one one side or in the middle for flowering sense it will cut back the light?:weed:

    grassified Well-Known Member

    I just harvested some plants I put in a valley where they got very little direct sunlight. Planted em, left em for almost 3 months. I planted them there in hopes that the moist valley soil would keep them watered... and it did....

    When I got back to the grow, I had live plants! But they were only about 6 inches tall. Had 2 females, I just made hash out of everything.

    I think it could have been a combo of shit soil, lack of care, lack of sunlight, over watering (was wayyyy to moist) and just maybe genetics? They came from a f1 cross of some plants I got online.
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