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How much Cal-Mag do I use?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by dd900, Nov 27, 2010.


    dd900 Well-Known Member

    Currently im using GH MaxiGrow, Diamond Nectar, and Cal-Mag. I want to start feeding my plants 1/4 strength nutrients with each watering vs. feed, water, water, feed, etc. So my question is should I mix the Cal-Mag and Diamond Nectar 1/4 strength too, or should those be left full strength? Feedback is much appreciated!:clap::clap::clap:

    dd900 Well-Known Member

    Forgot to add that im growing in soil. ocean forest

    Imaulle Well-Known Member

    I always hear different things with cal-mag... most say you only need to add it once every 2-3 weeks

    right now my babies are getting 3 ml of 2% calcium and .5% magnesium from dyna-gro foliage pro and then 1 ml of 2% magnesium from dyna-gro mag-pro every other water. my babies seem to like it for now...

    ReverendMaynard Member

    the first 4 weeks of vigorous veg I feed only half of what is directed unless there are any signs of deficiency. After flowering starts, I lay off the cal-mag completely.

    dd900 Well-Known Member

    whats the deal with that? Is it not good to use during flowering?

    J2M3S Well-Known Member

    I started using Cal-Mag yesterday, after showing deficiencies cause by using RO water. I plan to use Cal-Mag throughout my entire grow and would like to hear others experiences using it from seed to weed.

    ReverendMaynard Member

    Pretty simple...I don't use RO water, it's from an artesian well that has a decent mag and cal content. In veg when they're vigorous they tend to burn through it so I add it with Cal-Max from Grotek which is also a nice little veg additive at 2-0-0.

    @J2M3S : What other nutes/additives are you using?
    The Ruiner

    The Ruiner Well-Known Member

    I recommend to anyone using RO water and Cal-Mag to use 1/2 RO water 1/2 evaporated Tap (48 hrs) and 1-2ml/gal cal-mag depending on health of the plant. It's fine to use during flower...it jsut fucks with the NPK ratios because of the added nitrogen but if you kick back a little on the N-supplying nute you should be fine. When flushing for the last week or so just use RO water with 1tsp/gal molasses. Or dont...whatever you want to do. At that point you definitely dont want that shit in the bud.

    Pureblood89 Well-Known Member

    i use 1tsp per gallon of water, twice a week

    masonite420 Active Member

    Cut the cal mag down when you first start using it to 1/4 strength .....along with everything else about a week into root growth for clones......I just leave em in the prop tray and fill up a cup 1/4 with nute solution from the veg room and the rest R/O water......I water em like that(for a couple weeks if I have to)until I got room in the first veg tray for a new cycle...........I like to use low strength calmag all the way through with H&G's full line, some AN supplements, and some little other secrets that i picked up along the way.....Lovin it!!........Peace

    sxgrower Member

    I use GH Floranova and RO water in hydro, I've found that I have to supplement with 1tsp/gal calmag+ throughout the grow.

    brunobud Member

    Not if your tap water is very bad... like 1500ppm bad

    HungryMan420 Well-Known Member

    I dont use tap water any way. I make sure that there is 100ppms of calmag in any amount of RO water i use even in flower every water and have no probloms i stay green all thru flower no probs!!!

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