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How many weeks to flower?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by clscbr, Jan 26, 2007.


    clscbr Active Member

    Here is a real newbie question....How many weeks do plants take to finish from the time you start flowering until they are ripe? I started flowering on Dec 15, they are big buds and very abundant...long white hairs....when will they be done? Thanks.

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    on a genral rule of thumb give your girls 8-9 weeks of flower time
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    Sanifsan Well-Known Member

    Flower Till You See The First Brown Hairs...stop Firtilizing As Soon As You See Them And Then Harvest When 2/3 Or 3/4 Of The White Hairs Turn Brown...remeber To Prune Leaves That Get Yellow Or Brown Due To Lack Of Nuts...you Should Flush Your Plants For 2-3 Weeks. The First Brown Hair Usually Appears In The Fifth Week.

    norton Active Member

    from what i have gathered on this site depends on type of plant lighting and when the colas turn from white to reddy brown if you are fertalizing at that time stop slowly over a weeklong period or 3-4 days atleast then flush for a week only water.Pluck trim and enjoy! But by most standards of plants 70-120 days flowering dude! So control your urges let em grow and take good CARE of them untill then cause its alot of work!But worth the effort I am new to this game to 1st couple of plants and about 60 days flowering so I dont know much these guys do however!Lots of infromation just look or ask!Just made some hash so I GOTTA GO TRY IT MAN!!!!!!!!Talk to you later

    Sanifsan Well-Known Member

    I assume about a month and a half to two months at the most... so by feb. or mid feb.

    jjelin02 Active Member

    Depends on the strain. Indika (the smaller potent plants) most generally take 6-8 weeks. Sativas (bigger plants) can take up to 12 weeks. like they said when 75% of the white hairs have turned brown then, pick them.
    who curd eat just one

    who curd eat just one Active Member

    ive never seen anything actually ready to go in six weeks, not saying its not possible but you better have a few maturing tricks up your sleeves to get a six week strain and end up with quality buds that weight something

    jjelin02 Active Member

    Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with ya on that one. Mine are 4 weeks old right now but nowhere near done. I'm figuring another 4 - 6 weeks

    SmokeDatKusshhaa Active Member

    so how did your plants turn out????

    tonydash Well-Known Member

    same for me bro. well my plant is much OLDER then 4 weeks, but she's been "flowering" for this long : )

    only 1 bud site on my whole plant has a mixture of brownish / reddish / pinkish and white hairs. the rest are pretty much all white.

    I just started to giver her molasses and I might give her a tiny bit more 15-30-15 plant food but i doubt she'll even need that.

    rednug Active Member

    so. ive never heard of mollassis* in to the plant. does it contain phos. or somthing???

    the357ink Well-Known Member

    it contains carbs..

    Ghost6646 Active Member

    hey im a new grower i am growing 2 plants wander woman and sacra frasca wander woman is doing fine but sacra frasca has problems - half of the plant has went yellow and some of the flowers have died the other half has gone dark green also would anyone be able to tell me how long it takes for them to finish the flowering period i will post pictures asap

    TheBlazehero Active Member

    This is a hijack! Do what you're told and nobody gets hurt.
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    Griffin285 Active Member

    You should run your lights 24 hours a day when you veg. I read that marijuana doesn't need nighttime during vegetative growth, so if you leave your lights on all the time they will grow faster.

    In order to avoid shocking your plants when you switch to 12/12 you can go:
    each for a week leading up to the 12/12 switch.

    By doing this your plants will get more daytime exposure for longer during the veg stage. They might show sex earlier too.

    Just a piece of advice.

    emmap Member

    i need help first time ive done this i have 10 plants going 2 put them into veg 4 about 2-3wks there about 12inches tall in rockwool ive put them into a tank with cana cocc plus i just need to nohow often do i water them thanks emmap

    Ganjadav420 Member

    120 that almost a half year lol of flowering woow what fucking strain takes a half year (almost) to finish I smell bullshit but IDK.......What strain???

    itsadaniel Member

    so i am new at this as well. question...my kush strain started to show its pistils 2 weeks ago. the light here in so cal is down to about 14/10 and it is an outdoor plant. so when they say 8-9 weeks flowering time is that from when its 12-12 or when it shows its sex. thanx

    aalcorn0714 Member

    I hope your not going off the color of hairs, you should invest in a 30x zoom magnifying glass to harvest when ripe
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    Ganjachronicles New Member

    indeed you really only know when theyre truly ripe by looking under a magnifying glass when a large percentage of the trichomes are a bronze color around 80 percent is when theyre ready to be clipped.

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