How Many Watts to Yield 4 Pounds?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Rasta Matt, Feb 26, 2013.

    Rasta Matt

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    I'm looking at setting up a couple rooms and was wondering how many watts I should use to yield 4 pounds? I know that the strain and other factors will inevitably affect the overall yield but what would be a good amount of lighting to use? I was thinking of setting up something like a 1000w MH in the veg room and three 600w HPS in the flowering room. Will this be good enough with the right strain? I am looking for quality as well, not just quantity. I appreciate any help.

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    moggggys Well-Known Member

    a single 600 can give 20 , multi lights then 25 is possible , if you dont know what your doing then forget it and use 4 lights , really dont know what your doing and you may end up with nothing

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Figure most growers get .4g/W - .7g/W. You will have 1800W, you can do the math.

    Rasta Matt

    Rasta Matt Member

    Blessings. Thank you for the reply. I have heard that you should strive for .5g/W so I guess that info is correct.

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    an average grower should pull a pound per 1000 watt light
    so 4000 watts
    4x 1000 watt hps lights

    TheLoneRaptor Member

    Yeah .5-1g/w ... Would defiantly make sure your using a trusted strain that is known for putting out weight though, Sour Power and Headband are supposed to be 1g/w strains along with being potent, I would look into them or something along those lines.

    Twitch. Well-Known Member

    yea i hear that sour power is supposed to be a gram a watt

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