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how many times should you top a plant in a ScrOG grow??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by K1Ng5p4d3, Oct 19, 2008.


    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    yup, im askin cuz im thinkin bout puttin a screen in my tent in the near future. i just wanna know how many times you guys would recommend topping my plants to get a nice thick canopy goin on. i am also thinkin about cutting down the number of plants im gonna have in my tent because of the ScrOG, from 10 to maybe 6 - would i get a similar yield?? as in, if i were to do 10 plants with no screen, would i get a similar yield as i would with 6 plants using ScrOG??

    im weighing my options, because my seedlings are starting to grow, and i need to figure out what the fuck im doing for sURE and stick to that shit.

    so, if i ScrOG, is it worth cutting back on the amount of plants?

    and if so, how many times should i be topping each plant to get a nice sufficient canopy in my 2x4x5 tent with a 600w MH/HPS setup?

    thanks in advance
    your pal

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    Well........ If you want something like my old Memphis grow op:


    That'll take you a few dozen pruning jobs and nine months of constant vegging under 16/8 with a 400w HPS.

    So, you wanna go that far?
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    LemonKush Active Member

    thats sick as hell, nice!

    meGUSTAmota Active Member

    you are my idol

    jjustin Active Member

    yo man we're thinkin of doin the same thing. but still no answer the the question. considering the space some people work with, if we do maybe a month or so of veg would it still be worth it?

    KaliKitsune Well-Known Member

    Within a month of veg, unless you've got some setup for some hyper-growth, no, scrog isn't worth it. Scrog takes time, but extra plants help out. I could've done the above result in four months total if I had six or eight plants and a 600w HID.

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