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How many sq ft can a 1000 watt bulb cover

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by clarke kent, Aug 24, 2010.

    clarke kent

    clarke kent Member

    I am debating on how best to cover my an 8x12 ft plus room area.

    I am thinking of two Magnum XXXL 8" hoods with 1000 watt each.

    My debate is... do the 4x8 with two lamps which obviously will work or can I go 6x12?

    What would be the pro and cons?

    Is there some other way to do the 6x6 area per one light without problems?

    Thanks for any feed back.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    5X10 would work "best". If you want to try and grow in "optimal" conditions, you would want to limit each 1000 watt light to a 5X5 area. that will give you 40 watts per square foot.. that's about what you want.

    6X6 is still doable... but it's on the lower end of the "acceptable" limit. I put " " s around those words only as they aren't the ONLY way that will work.. they are just what works best for the plant's growth.

    The pro-con thing is pretty easy to explain.. but you will only believe me after you have experimented on your own.. the amount of light you use dictates your yeild. If you use a 1000 watt light in a 4X4 area with 4 plants you will get - let's say for argument's sake -1 lb for harvest... if you take a 1000 watt light and grow 36 plants in a SOG in a 6X6 area.. you will get 1 lb for harvest. You have the same 6X6 and grow 20 plants.. you are going to get - about 1 lb at harvest....

    You can grow in a 6X6 with no problems... ya - ok I will go along with that. But if you can trim bigger nugs in 4 hours -as opposed to 12 hours of trimming popcorn buds..wouldn't you? That would be my only pro-con... other than that you will still yield around the same with all other conditions constant.

    I just smoked one.. so if I need to clarify feel free to let me know and I'll try and explain better what I mean.
    clarke kent

    clarke kent Member

    Thanks Cowell, after further research and discussion, I am keeping with 4x8 tray for the 2 lights. I understand the canopy will spread to 5x5 and no real difference in yeald as you suggested.

    Remaining question is... If I could grow anything for the best yield and quality? what would that be??? OG Kush? Sour diesel, GD Purple?? What would you say?? Anyone??

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