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How many plants with a 250 watt HPS

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Tmack103, Jul 8, 2011.


    Tmack103 Active Member

    I am growing in my closet that is 6'x4'x3'. I have a 250 watt HPS setup and I want to know if it would be good enough for 2 plants.

    donkeyshow Well-Known Member

    From what I've read here on the forums a majority of people feel that 100 watts per plant is good enough. However you may also consider how many lumen per sq/ft. I think you want 10,000 lumen per sq/ft. Keep in mind this is just what I've read on here!

    kingtwice Active Member

    that is a really good question because i have a closet and i have used a 300 watt cfl to veg 8 of my own cross of kush called kool-aid kush and so far my plants look great and just recently i purchased a 150 watt hps and a 4 foot floro which i think is about 50 watts and i would like to know how many plants i could flower with the 150 hps and the 300 cfl

    pazuzu420 Well-Known Member

    Haven't sat down and did the math myself but I was thinking that you may get better responses to you questions under the Indoor Growing section and even perhaps the subforum CFL Growing.

    robmills Member

    4 plants max

    TechnoMage Well-Known Member

    I've been running a 250w HPS since 2007 and have grown 2 to 8 plants at a time. Total yield didn't really vary much but just from a maintenance perspective, I found that three plants in 10" pots was just about perfect. With only two plants I used 12" pots but I ended up with taller plants which was a problem in my grow cab.

    This should give you an idea. Here's a couple of dried buds from my last grow under the 250w HPS.
    Results 7-9-2011 1-55-18 AM.jpg
    monty Python

    monty Python Active Member

    Yeah mate, about 3-4 plants is ideal. Although, ive seen a successfull grow of 7 under one. Decent size 7 at that and a nice harvest.

    A 250w covers about 6 sq ft max. So if you choose your pot types and sizes smartly you could get 5 in there id say. Use tall square pots around 6litres in volume. Watch your veg times. Lst and scrog are your friends.;-)

    I avg 3 under one depending on strains.

    Nice 250w buds Technomage :]
    monty Python

    monty Python Active Member

    Sounds about right Treegear mate. Although i think he could pull more than an oz a plant to be fair. Nearer the 5oz id say.

    But yeah, id just go with fem seeds tbh but thats just me ofc.

    TreeGear Member

    monty is right, you can get more....anywhere up to 1g/watt (which puts you at 8oz) so study up on techniques, like topping, FIM, LST, and don't do what many new growers do and skip ventilating your closet (air is key), watch your temps, use a good 3-1-1 fert for veg, 1-3-2 for bloom, ph your water and don't overfertilize...... your yield will reflect how much research you do.

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