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How many plants under a 600W Light, 4'x4' ?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Bizzler, Feb 24, 2009.


    axeman916 Well-Known Member

    16 in 2 gals quiker cycle =less electricity and close to same yield a pound shud be easy. make sure u show it off watever u decide

    ImJoeCool Member

    id go with 3-4 for that kind of space.took over a scared freinds botched 4x4 grow an this numbskull got 8 different types in 5 gal totes with 2 sites a piece for the hydro. Some got beat out for light by others an made a big tangle mess under the lid between 2 plants. some where good but were ajoined with a lack luster partner. i use a 400 m/h with supp flouro's to bump it to 800 for my 4x4, but I use 5 gal bukcets with hydro set up. point is don't bite off more then you can chew.
    Just paranoid

    Just paranoid Active Member

    if using 5 gallon bybble buckets would 2 plants for a start be a waste under a 600w hps? sorry for hijack. didnt wanna post another thread.


    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Using any light efficiently isn't about the number of plants; it would relate to the total area of your canopy.. If you have 2 plants with a large canopy, then it would be efficient enough. The intensity of the light just diminishes, of course, the further away you get from the center & bulb itself. DWC can make large plants, quickly, so a 600 Watt light for 2 would give you an almost maximum yield- if there is a good balance between your elements.

    ImJoeCool Member

    You are correct B3RNY. For the best balance of elements the plants will need space to breathe. I can be a strain whore at times an grow 3 in a space where 1 or 2 should be. So yea, don't listen to me.

    senny Member

    To be honest mate do what you want under it, its all about building experience jus remember theres a good rule to work fromis gram per watt so 21oz per 600watt, so do you want to do... 21 1oz plants or 4 5oz plants. Personally i would rather do 4 plants spread them out, trim all bottom off and build a nice canopy but thats just doing it for a hobby/intrest. Try both ways see what you prefer brother

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    Why not plant one every 3 or 4 weeks, that way you end up with a perpetual harvest? I run 6, 3 at a time in 7 gallon pots.
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    luciferi Well-Known Member

    I like your idea... Do you have any pics or journals of your grows?? I want to have perpetual harvest right now have 2 rooms down but i didnt know about the light proof part for grow room.. i smoke weed not far away from flowering plants which requires me opening a small light im wondering if it will effect my plants??? turn them into hermies would be the worst thing... Im gona light seal my flowering room within next few days... im getting a 600w HPS light right now have a 300w and 450w LED growlight... any advice on how i should start my setup??? right now i have 6flowering 6veg of which 2 are autos

    spek9 Well-Known Member

    Check out my 12/12 sig thread. I went on in that thread to do a 3 cycle, 3 week harvest perpetual. In there is even schedules for everything. Maybe you'll find it useful and can adapt from it.

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    luciferi Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot

    doubletake Well-Known Member

    I did 9 in 3 gallons under a 1k and they got too big
    Scope my thread there's a link in my thread

    I'd do 16 in 1 gallons but veg quick they usually always double or triple in size after you switch to 12/12 so veg once there like 5 or 6 inches.

    Or do 9 in 2 gallons would be nice but flip right at like 8 inches and you have abunch of 1.5 to 2 footers.

    Hope this helps.
    Big dog11

    Big dog11 Member

    4x4 tent four plants at the most.....for me at least........It would be crowded at harvest time

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