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how many plants per cfl

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by cnymoeman, Dec 24, 2008.


    cnymoeman Well-Known Member

    got about 15 germs under 4 23 watt 6500k and 2 23 watt 2700k...how many can u grow wth that many cfls

    nunof Well-Known Member

    You can grow maybe one...You will need better lights once you get into flowering because that just wont be enough light. I grow one plant at a time in my closet. I have 4 23w 6500K CFLs and 4 23w 2700K CFLs for the veg period. Once I go into flowering, those eight lights become supplemental lighting, and I add 4 42w 2700K CFLs above the plant for main flowering light. Using some bonsai techniques, I can keep the plant the size I want it and not have to get more lights than that. My grow space is only 1.5'x2'x4', so thats why I use CFL's. If you are looking to grow that many plants, and you have larger than a closet for a grow space...CFL's are not what you are looking for. You may want to look into an HID lighting setup like (High Pressure Sodium, or Metal Halide) for your growing needs.

    cnymoeman Well-Known Member

    Yeah i'm getting a 150 wat HPS in like 2 weeks....I only plan on growing like maybe 3-4....Just wanted to know if they can grow and stay alive untill i get the HPS??
    Mr. Pacific

    Mr. Pacific Well-Known Member

    If you are getting it in 2 weeks then that light is fine for the 15 seedlings to get a jump start.

    nunof Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you should be good till you get the HPS.

    hackel Well-Known Member

    I grow one plant myself, but you don't need 300+ actual watts to grow a plant. In my grow I use 4 23w and 1 65w cfl (157 actual watts if my math is right) if you plan on getting major yields off your plants then you should get more lights or just go HID, if you put your lights and plants in good relation to one another and keep your plants height down, you can get through maybe a week of veg and then flower. Don't forget that CFL's emit light in 360 degrees and side lighting will make your plant bushier without needing tons of extra light bulbs to get it that way. The effective range for a CFL is 3 inches and so you have a radius of 3 inches all around the bulb. Surround each bulb with maybe 3 to 4 plants (Like a chessboard where the white squares are the light bulbs and the black squares are the plants.) and you could have 3-4 bulbs per plant and still have an easier time keeping your grow cool... lol trust me... it is important to keep your babies cool. Good luck!

    Also, if you want to save even more money on bulbs... only buy the 2700k temperature color bulb as opposed to the 6500k (daylight) bulbs The dalights are more effective for veg only, while 2700k's are good for both veg and flower! however you can use any mix you feel is best. But, like they said above, those few lights will definitely hold you off till that HPS arrives.

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