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how many plants for the 10 oz

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Patients' started by albert111, Jan 14, 2014.


    albert111 Well-Known Member

    how many plants for the 10 oz or how you are growing your medicine soil coco dwc hempy air pot fabric ??
    lets participate people this is mass a lot of god weed came from this state all other states in this forum are active

    Nitro360 New Member

    I'm currently growing in soil happy frog I have three dakini kush and one rio negro that just broke thru the soil have them under 600watt hps about 2 feet away doing great have only given 15 drops of rapid start root enhancer yesterday can't wait for true leaves to come so I can feed them I have canna terra vega and rhizotonic heard they were off the wall as far as nutes. Got some subcools super soil cooking for next grow
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    CannaCole Well-Known Member

    Depending on how you grow I'd say 4 plants...6 can't hurt :thumbup: Some people are getting out a lb in 1 plant.

    I grow in 3 Gallon DWC buckets. 600w digital hps/mh air cooled hood w/ carbon filter.

    Also got a veg room with 400w cooltube.

    5 gallon diy seedling/cloner with t5 4 2ft bulbs.

    Trying for the perpetual grow ;)
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    liz.integr8mass New Member

    View attachment 2971834

    Integr8 Massachusetts is a Medical Marijuana Certifying Physician in Burlington MA. There is no legal limit on how many plants you can grow and therefore your question is appropriate. It is important to note that the 10 oz allotment is for dry, usable cannabis and not the stalks, stems, seeds, or any other unusable materials.

    If you are looking to be certified for medical Cannabis use, please visit Integr8 Massachusetts in Burlington MA. We will thoroughly educate you on the most up to date and current regulations in addition to many other great benefits including free acupuncture, free legal consultations, and Integrative Medicine consultations.

    Visit our website www.integr8mas.com to schedule an appointment, and for more information.

    Also check out our new Patient Handbook. A free PDF download can be found at the link below

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