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How Many Plants Can be Grown with a 90 Watt UFO LED light

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mattwright, Jan 20, 2010.


    mattwright Member

    Anyone have any idea about this? And also i should mention that i don't mean just barely grow i mean GROW EM' good. Experiences welcomed, technical advice prefered.

    genuity ambition

    1,to be safe
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    potspot Member

    I have 1 90 WATT UFO right now doing veg on 3 plants, and have a cabinet with 2 90 WATT UFOs doing flowing on 5 plants. From what I'm seeing I plan on cutting this down to 4 plants in the cabinet. These UFOs are great lights. If you get them from sunlight sheds they're 199.00 as opposed to other places who are trying to rip people off and sell them for $500 and $600 a piece. http://sunlightsheds.com/led_systems.htm

    Lindseyb Well-Known Member

    I know LED dont put out as much as HID do and Im barely getting by with four plants under a 250 watter... So if your looking to "GROW EM" Id say 1 probably 2...Throw some cheap ass CFLS in there.

    potspot Member

    I have 1 UFO doing 4 plants for veg right now. I just need them to stay around a a foot right now while they're in veg before I move them into my caby. In my caby I have 2 90 WATT UFOs which are currently supplying light for 5 plants. I think in my next grow I'm going to cut back to 4 plants to 2 UFOs, due to the growth. These plants seem to love the lights and grow like mad. My plants are around 3 1/2 feet tall and having 5 is too much.

    One last note get them from the site below as they have the best prices for these that I've seen on the web bar none.

    potspot Member

    I have 4 under 2 90 Watt UFOs. These are great lights. I plan on creating a larger grow area and will be using 6 of these. buy them here for the best price. http://sunlightsheds.com/led_systems.htm

    potspot Member

    I have 4 under 2 90 Watt UFOs. These are great lights. I plan on creating a larger grow area and will be using 6 of these. buy them here for the best price. http://sunlightsheds.com/led_systems.htm

    potspot Member

    I'm currently using 2 for my 5 plants that are coming to the end. I would change this to 4 as 5 seems a little cramped in my cabby. The plants are doing well though with two of them (Cheese, and Carmelicious) at around 3 1/2 feet.

    Sunlight sheds sells them at the best price that I've seen on the web bar none. Compare $199.00 each as opposed to $499.00 on up

    NNoBoDY New Member

    Hmm there are different things one should look at before how many plants such as sort of the weed next a box tent will improve quite a bit there is also trimming and so on that i dont want to come in with here... but i would say the 90w is maybe a bit on the low side of the ufos but havent tryed it out yet but started on with 4 plants for 90w since i dont have a tent or box and just have out on freespace and ya dont want to have so much out its to messy but when building a box / tent i would say you should could do nine plants of sorts of the Ruderalis since they dont need that much light for growing but a UFO usally do 120 degree lightings and a place like 40 - 70 cm away from the plant/ plants and you can just turn those in the sides 1 time every day or 2 times up to one self or not do it at all .. but i havent tryed it out with a 90w ufo yet but gonna make a review on it when in a month or 2 finally gonna build the box for it and then with the 180w and properly 300w aswell at a time but Ya i would say 4 plants no problem dude and with box 9 of the Ruderalis familie

    but we have done it with 180w and its totally sweet harvests and since moved and ya sold the old to a friend when moved for not having to ya pack dirt and clean pots and so on,
    but when it came to buy the new UFO i dont know excatly what happned cause i was pretty sure it was a 180w when ordering it but ended up with a 90w but thats what happens when u sit there a drunk evening and just ordering home xD
    so instead of waisting more time and money on sending it back and ordering new i desided i want to make some review on the 90w and a bit more wide since its still just small talk with the 90w around and the most is not using it to it fullest and that also goes for the 180w and so on some just use that 1 - 2 plants or some up to 4 but what excatly one can get out of it with the different sorts even do i only plan on using different Ruderalis sorts with the low light

    Peace out !!
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    NNoBoDY New Member

    i know some of you older once properly sit there Huh ? auto shit.. but seriously if i got a garden i wouldnt go that way but again seriously man there are so many crazy sorts in the Ruderalis familie there takes like ya dunno excatly since there are coming so much out its rally hard to follow but think the fastest i'v found not tryed yet is 7 - 9 weeks else alot of those we have been planting takes 11 - 16 weeks from seed to harvest thats freaking awesome in my mind man !!
    and u can always take some of your favorite plants with in it but i dont know if i would recommend this with a 90w but here at a time in the new year ill come with a take on it with the 90w and how much its possible with it
    but if you are sitting with a 180w and u have 2 of them u can make 2 box/tents and have really awesome grow out of it !
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I'd say you could get 3 under the light spread of a 90w. But you're better off just doing one. It really does depend on the output of the light. And what the angle of the lenses are.

    60° is really narrow. And can burn your plants. 90° is a good medium between spread and intensity. And 120° will cover more area.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    if you want the most out of your light surround it with plants, if you want the most out of your plants surround them with light.
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    lio lacidem

    lio lacidem Well-Known Member

    Holy zombie post...this has been revived from 2010 pretty sure OP got it sorted out already
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    NNoBoDY New Member

    U are properly right in that but there are still alot of search from people all around and people keep asking so fk it why not update when u run over a post !! it just mean that people have to run threw more sites if all is out of date since the freaking google drags those with a better seo ahead then others !
    Haha but ya i get it 6 years later..
    its a habbit of mine since working with IT and use alot of infotechnologi with seaching for different topics and then learn and deploy and one see its every time looking for an answer for either a big or small problem one ending up going threw alot of sites with a similar question / answer and not been updated for years but the seo still drags em up in the top of the search on google ...
    u can call it either good karma so others dont have to sit there and use some hours of their life could be since I'm danish they say we are such a nice people
    heh or it could be i didnt want to have to go threw all the sites again if ended up a year or 2 later and have to do something similar xD

    Peace out !

    Urbz Well-Known Member

    What did he just say?
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    emepher Active Member

    I don't know, but I've chosen to read it as, "sorry."

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Won't help... Google pushes the seo ranking results ONLY for your city, you'll need to access the same page from a different ip over and over to keep it up top just in your city. Not worth it unless you have a local business online or something.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    This is 90w of Horticulture COB.

    Yes she's small. But, give me some credit. This is topped to 5 heads. 2.5 months veg time. And my first shot indoors with an LED. 20161222_044847.jpg

    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    I would stick with one plant, anyone more would just be a waste of seeds lol

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