How Many Plants Can be Grown with a 90 Watt UFO LED light

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    Anyone have any idea about this? And also i should mention that i don't mean just barely grow i mean GROW EM' good. Experiences welcomed, technical advice prefered.

    genuity ambition

    1,to be safe

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    I have 1 90 WATT UFO right now doing veg on 3 plants, and have a cabinet with 2 90 WATT UFOs doing flowing on 5 plants. From what I'm seeing I plan on cutting this down to 4 plants in the cabinet. These UFOs are great lights. If you get them from sunlight sheds they're 199.00 as opposed to other places who are trying to rip people off and sell them for $500 and $600 a piece.

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    I know LED dont put out as much as HID do and Im barely getting by with four plants under a 250 watter... So if your looking to "GROW EM" Id say 1 probably 2...Throw some cheap ass CFLS in there.

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    I have 1 UFO doing 4 plants for veg right now. I just need them to stay around a a foot right now while they're in veg before I move them into my caby. In my caby I have 2 90 WATT UFOs which are currently supplying light for 5 plants. I think in my next grow I'm going to cut back to 4 plants to 2 UFOs, due to the growth. These plants seem to love the lights and grow like mad. My plants are around 3 1/2 feet tall and having 5 is too much.

    One last note get them from the site below as they have the best prices for these that I've seen on the web bar none.

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    I'm currently using 2 for my 5 plants that are coming to the end. I would change this to 4 as 5 seems a little cramped in my cabby. The plants are doing well though with two of them (Cheese, and Carmelicious) at around 3 1/2 feet.

    Sunlight sheds sells them at the best price that I've seen on the web bar none. Compare $199.00 each as opposed to $499.00 on up

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