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How many liters in volume do I need for 4 plants ?

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by GunRunner, Sep 23, 2011.


    GunRunner Active Member

    So I intend to start growing 4 plants in a DWC/Bubble system that I'm going to build myself.

    I'm looking at Tupperware , say If I want to house all 4 plants in the same Tupperware / Tank.....How many Liters should he tank be? what's the average desired per plant?

    Also, is there any importance on how deep the tank needs to be?

    Thanks for the replies.

    vhampyre Member

    Not too sure on tupperware; the reservoir needs to be fairly tough. A 26 liter bucket full of water is quite heavy, and cheap containers will bow out, crack, leak, etc. Rubbermaid roughneck totes seems to be the way to go, or something equally tough and rigid. However, if you're going for a micro-grow, you could probably get away with a much smaller volume- the guide really is what size plants you need. Smaller plants can use smaller volumes in the DWC. Larger plants require larger volumes. Too small of a volume and you'll spend all your time topping off and checking pH/ppms. Too large and you're wasting nutes and space. Size it based on the plants themselves.

    As for depth, the limiting factor is length and width. The shallower the bucket, the wider it would be for a given volume. So if you want a 26 liter container or so, a shallow container would end up being awfully wide- often unacceptably so- and that's usually the limiting factor for a space.

    I think, in order to answer the question, we need to know what size plants in what size space under what wattage light.
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    VoidObject DWC/Bubbleponics Mod

    Lots of down sides to using a single reservoir. Check out my DWC tutorial and think about doing individual rezes that won't end up binding your roots.
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    boodadood Active Member

    use 5 gallon buckets...u dont want your roots to grow into a knot with each other...look into keeping the main res outside the grow space and recirculate the water with a small pump...this keeps the nutes fresh, allows the nutes to be cooler, and is easier maintenance..RDWC

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    GunRunner Active Member

    Right I knew I should have included more info :P

    Quick question, are you giving US, UK or Imperial Gallons? cos one is 3.7L the other is 4.5L

    Yes yes, I'm a metric Nazi, sorry about that :P

    I'm somewhat restricted on the space side, I have 5.2 say 5 square feet to work with, that's a space 38 inches wide * 20 inches deep (Closet Cabinet). Vertically I am limited to a mere 35 inches...

    So for this i'm planing to go scrog.

    Originally I wanted to grow 4 plants, but thinking about it now I doubt the place will be able to manage more than 2 plants, AMIRIGHT?

    If I wanted to work backwards, I will need about 5 inches for the Light array (6 x 23W CFLs), at least another 10 inches from floor to top of the medium (tank/res), which leaves me with 20 inches to play with. The screen is gonna be probably 8 inches from the top of the medium.

    The strain is somewhat undecided so far, I'm thinking Maybe Barney's LSD or Pineapple Chunk, I'm still open for suggestions, but whatever the strain; it will have to accommodate itself in under 20 inches of space :P I'm gonna be growing it from Seed obviously.

    I don't think I have the space to put in another tank to RDCW, not inside obviously and outside it will be a huge risk (security wise).

    I'm gonna look into separate rez for the plants, what do you think so far fellas?

    Thanks for the input so far it made me aware that my plans need a bit changing, keep it coming ;) I'm checking out your Tutorial / Journals :)

    VoidObject DWC/Bubbleponics Mod

    US gallons.. [email protected]#$ing metric system confuses me.

    If you're scrogging then 2 plants is going to be the most you can do in that space.. you could get by with one and some extra veg time if you wanted to.

    MrBosco Member

    Hey Gunrunner. As others have said above it will depend on the size of the plants. If you put too many plants in the same bucket you'll have problems with root mass, problems keeping the res topped up as the plants suck up the juice, and problems maintaining a steady Ph as a result. It can be done though; the link below describes a DWC micro SOG setup with five plants per bucket, flowering when the clones are 2-3 inches high to control plant height (and root mass). The grower had good success, but moved on to other methods as maintaining water conditions was too much hassle. I'm considering a similar setup, only I'm looking into ways of keeping the reservoirs topped up automatically from a single large tank to get around some of these problems.
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    watchhowIdoit New Member

    1 US gallon=3.78 liters.

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