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How many Hours should my light be on?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by doggyd, Feb 2, 2011.


    doggyd Active Member

    Here is another question!

    How many hours should might light be on my plant? 12 hours or 18-19 hours?
    Or longer or shorter?

    MellowHaze Active Member

    what seeds you got? are the autos or normal?

    if there Autos 24hrs all the way

    otherwise do 24hrs(for growing) for the first month ish the go 12 hrs (for flowering) after that

    other ppl will say otherthing so you just need to pick what best for you within the guide lines :bigjoint:

    absolute0 Well-Known Member

    I use either 24/0 or 18/6 during veg and 12/12 ,of course, during flowering.

    But what you should be doing would depend on what you got going and what you are tryng to accomplish just like MellowHaze said.

    As far as the 24 hours on light scheme tough, IMO it does seem to help plants grow faster and with tighter internode spacing, meaning the plant doesnt stretch as much. At 18/6 I don't get much of a difference in growth and node spacing, atleast with the strains I have and it helps me to save electricity.

    Your post was kind of vague though, tell us more about what strain you are growing and what you would like to accomplish and I'm sure you could get some more advice specific to what you are doing.
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    doggyd Active Member

    I have a kush seed planted! What are autos?
    So 24hours! Is it ok if i set my timer too 19 hours, just so it can take a break from the light?
    Or should i just do a 24 hour schedule as you say?

    webb107 Well-Known Member

    Auto's are plants that you dont need to change the light cycle for it to flower. Autos flower under any light cycle. Personally i like to use 18/6 for vege

    doggyd Active Member

    Awesome. Well I will take everyones advice! Thank you so much guys!

    webb107 Well-Known Member

    Np man good luck with all your grows

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