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How many days should it take Germinated Seed to sprout through Medium/Soil?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by str8_pimpin, Apr 21, 2007.


    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    How many days should it take for germinated seeds to start sprouting through the soil/medium? Im germinting them, then Putting them in Indoor soil into a small flower pots, and put then in the winodwsill. Thats untill i get another 250 watt HPS bulb because mine Busted into pieces. Is this alright to let the newly germinated seeds in indoor soil sit in the Windowsill for 2-3 weeks? until i get a new 250 HPS Bulb??

    CCC Well-Known Member

    about 2-4 days
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    No, once they sprout (2-14 days generally) you need to furnish them with 18 or more hours of light per day. Flororescent works well.

    If they sit on the sill they will probably do the "shoot up and fall over' gig looking for the light they *need*. IF they survive they will be long/lanky and will probably not form multiple sets of leaves.

    Get a 4' floro shoplight or some other floros like CFLs until you get yer hps goin.

    good luck

    bt dt

    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    EDIT: I have a 15 watt cool white bulb.[​IMG][​IMG]
    Here are some pics of it i dont know if this bulb will do any good will it?

    Schfifty Active Member

    15 watts wont do, unless if its only 1 plant maybe. Try to get atleast, 4-7 more, max. plants being 5.
    Besides that, yup cool white is good for veg.
    But then again i've been smoking so i could be wrong about some shit.

    str8_pimpin Well-Known Member

    What do you mean 4-7 more? You mean buy some more bulbs?

    By the way im growing 3-4 plants. Which CFL light should I get?

    Schfifty Active Member

    yes, more lights. im growing three plants, i bought four 26 watt 6500k cool light cfl's for $12. but try aiming for the 42 watts instead. they didnt have that much when i went.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Dont get the cfl the florescent tubes are better,Go to wal mart and buy a $10 4 foot florescent tube shop light.Its 4 feet long and has 2 48" tubes in it will work perfect to start plants and get them wel into veg.CFLs are a waste unless you can get the huge grow ones which are like 2 feet long and cost aboyt $100 each.Once seed is germintaed and put in soil about 2-5 days til it pops up.

    GiggleGirl Well-Known Member

    Take a look at other people's CFL grows-- there's a whole thread on it. Seems like you can make do for a while (or a whole grow) with CFLs. Plus you can just stick them in normal lamp sockets. etc.
    Happy Growing.

    Loves2spoog Member

    [I have seen 9 CFLs grow monster plants, just build a box that can hold a good number of CFLs, go to the depot and get the 6500k 120watt equil. bulbs sold in 4 packs, plexi glass the bottom of the box, computer fan on top for exhaust and a little wiring and bam you got yourself a homemade light box thing. this ables you to put the lights right on top of the plants without burning them.

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