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How many amps per 600w light?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by whitewidow2, Jan 14, 2011.


    whitewidow2 Well-Known Member

    Im considering a budbox with 4 x 600w air cooled lights - im just wondering how many amps each bulb and ballast will draw?

    I have a 30amp circuit in my bedroom

    Also on a detection note... Is it ok to have a grow tent in your bedroom - are they detectable by helicopters or do you need to insulate them?

    Many thanks

    AdamBlack760 Well-Known Member

    amps x volts = watts
    amps x 120 = 600----- 600/120 = 5 amps
    amps x 240 = 600 ---- 600/240 = 2.5 amps

    all ballast's pull more watts then speicified due to inefficenties its not much
    i think 400 pull 425 or something not shure
    when i do rooms i usually figure out how much juice im doing to use and add 25%
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    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    all my non digital ballast in 600w are 3amp for 240 and 6amps for 120 brands are sun leaves luma and CAP extreme

    so x4 at 240 will be 12amps
    and x4 at 120 will be 24amps either way a 30amp breaker is good
    just run all your other stuff on a different breaker
    you need alittle room amp wise dont want to pop cause a week breaker
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    whitewidow2 Well-Known Member

    + rep to you both
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