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How long will hermie pollen stay active in a grow room?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by downtimej, Sep 30, 2012.


    downtimej Active Member

    I had my last crop infected by a stray hermaphrodite and seeded it all. I run 3 lights in this room. 2 lights have the seeded plants underneath them and are harvested in the next 1and 3 weeks. The other light have plants that are in there 1st week of bud. Are these new plants going to seed as well from residule pollen, or is it inate by now? Best remedies? Also this has prmpted me to get rid of all my old genetics from friends over the years, Im finding way to many herms lately and its pissin me off! Ive decided to start buying seeds again from attitude, thinking that good feminized seeds are the way out of this mess. Any feedback???
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    i would remove all the plants from your grow area ( probally best put out side in the wind for a few hours ) and then id possibly make a weakend down bleach solution using bleach and water and scrubb the whole area down a few times , ive personally never had a problem with stray pollen but i hear it gets litterally everywhere ..................thats what id do anyway , and its always a good idea to thouroughly clean your grow area out between runs anyway.

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