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how long will cocaine stay in you system for a urine drug test.

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by CR500ROOST, Oct 14, 2012.


    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    I did almost half a gram Saturday and am getting tested Wednesday unexpected.I am 6'1" 250 pounds,And do drugs rarely.I'm not sure but they might send it to a lab.I would like tips on how to get clean faster or anything that could help.Thank you.+ Rep to everybody helpful.

    Blackhash Active Member

    A simple erowid search would yield you the results. http://www.erowid.org/plants/coca/coca_testing.shtml
    Hope I helped.
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    PuffinChronic Active Member

    I think you'll be ok... I have friends that passed 2 days after doing blow.. The day of and the day before the test drink TONS of water and piss like a crazy person.. Don't give the urine time to sit in your bladder. Pretend your drinking beer lol. That should flush you out enough if you're not a regular user... I have also heard drinking vinegar? lol not sure but maybe it's worth a google.. Good luck,

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    Ganjapussy New Member

    ^^^^^ people don't ask for opinions on the web for other people to copy and paste what was said on the Internet, which is 80% bullshit 100% of the time. Which is why I don't read the news paper. I will give you REAL LIFE knowledge, but first it doesn't matter how tall you are or how much you weigh, the question for you is, what are they testing? Swab, blood, hair, piss? And it sounds like you don't know if they'll lab rat it? That doesn't sound good. If they piss check you your good, don't worry. If they swab you, I would sweat a bit. Hair or blood, your fucked man sorry.. And I did not mean to sound rude earlier. Just spitting facts
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    Blackhash Active Member

    Erowid is a real scientific website. You can believe whatever you want to believe, stranger.
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    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    It's not 80% bs 100% of the time. Maybe that's what you contribute. He answered the question. You wasted space.

    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help.its a urine test.

    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    Anything else I should know and everybody's experience with this drug and drug test is welcomed.

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    If it's 80% bullshit, then why would you ask to begin with? Wouldn't that give you an 80% chance of being told a lie?? Pretty bad odds.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i think you'll be fine cr.. usually 48 - 72 hours and you're golden m8.. :D
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    Skuxx Well-Known Member

    What if they cut it with tweak or something that lasts 3+ days? not to worry you more or anything =P

    CR500ROOST Well-Known Member

    Doubt it I've done enough coke to know if it had another drug.I've done tweak also.

    adiaz5 Member

    I did a line on sunday I get tested Saturday what do I do I need to pass !
  14. Look I used to have a coke prob when I was younger and got hit with randoms all the time on the job you either
    A) Got a wizanator
    B) A little plastic bottle with clean piss from buddy and tuck under armpit,tape to side for at least a hour
    C) Wait 3-5 days for it to leave your system and drink a lot of water and hope they don't have you piss again because it's to diluted(Also, do alot of jogging it helps you sweat it out
    D) C is unreliables I always went with B

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    whoa stranger! where the hell u been?

    Skuxx Well-Known Member


    adiaz5 Member

    I did a little line on sunday and I get tested this Saturday I ran on the treadmill today and last night do you think if I drink a lot of cranberry juice and water ill pass by Saturday or should I not go?

    adiaz5 Member

    its a 5 panel

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