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how long to wait before i clone my mother plant?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by sabaday, Jun 10, 2010.


    sabaday Member

    so how long do i have to wait before i clone my mother plant, like, if i take clones off her, when will i be able to take clones off her again. thanks in advance all.

    ontariogrower Well-Known Member

    depends on the mother I have one right now I've had for 4 years I keep her under 2 feet I take clones off weekly she sprouts nice 4 inch clones like no tomorrow so take a couple clones and see how she recoups if she looks fine after a week or so cut a couple more

    steelersfan Well-Known Member

    Do you use any fert? What type of soil do you have it in? Currently I have 2 I am hoping turn out to be female so I can mother them. I am using happy frog organic with nova flora grow .6 ml for growth. They are about 3 weeks old and just went under a 400 watt MH and are starting to take off. Do you control the height by topping and how long in between? That's how you keep them small right? I've never cloned and this is my first try.

    Anonymouse Active Member

    When she's got 9-10 nodes and they're alternating in nature, go for it. I take 4 a month from mine.

    marcoze Well-Known Member

    As soon as your nodes start to ALTERNATE, that means that your plant is mature enough to clone directly to flowering (after rooting of course)

    However, you can take clones at any point after 3 nodes......but it may take a little more time for them to mature enough to flower.

    ontariogrower Well-Known Member

    nope no nutes just under a cfl but 4 years I must be doing something right

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