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how long to veg to average 2 oz per plant

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by cary schellie, Aug 3, 2011.

    Charlie Who?

    Charlie Who? Active Member

    Do you mean you start seeds at 12/12 and stay at 12/12 the entire grow? and get 2 oz from a TOTAL of 10 weeks from start to harvest?

    Man....how you do dat? Do you use a 1K throughout? or start with MH and swith to HPS at some point?

    Seriously, this is amazing. Anout how tall are the plants at finish? and about how many weeks in do they start to flower?

    Ive never done a 12/12 grow but I like the idea of NOT spending so damn much money on electricity doing 16/8 vegging for 6 weeks. Maybe I'll give it a try.....but please explain your light situation?
    I have a ballast that can run MH or HPS and Im guessing you MUST be using MH until they start to flower.....right? But...what I dont get is, most strains take at least 8 weeks JUST for flowering. So....does that mean they start to flower after 2 weeks?
    Please explain, LOL with details!

    Charlie Who?

    Charlie Who? Active Member

    Duuuuuude....that is amazing.

    OK, Im sold, LOL. Soon as this grow is finished, Im gonna go 12/12 from seed and give it a try. I do know for sure that while my T5 is Ok for veg, it aint crap compared to when I use the MH. The one time I used it, those plants grw 2 or 3 inches a DAY.

    My problem has been, Ive been using both ballasts for flowering, at the same time. So, they havent been available for use for vegging. But I hadnt even thought of going 12/12 from the start. Now I see I could easily start seeds using the MH bulb, then move them to the HPS once they show bud and start more.

    Thanks...this should be fun.


    Whey2Sly Active Member

    Lot of leaf i'd go another strain...Train Wrek if im gonna have that many leaves

    rob97045 Member

    I just harvested my Afghan last week. Still drying but pre-dry weight of Bud is 4.1oz and residual/leaves and misc I have about 6 oz, will make Butter out of that. first crop I'm very pleased

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    click on the link below to my thread loads of pics and info......10 weeks is the quickest but they arent all like that.depends on flowering times too......i used a 250 cfl to start my plants but this time i started them under a 250 dual spec hps...and yes 2-4 oz per plant.....
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    everytime i see this 12/12 the first thing that comes to my mind is ur full of shit. I know u've done it, but it just seems crazy. I'm gonna put a seed in and try it for myself.
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    i must be doing somthing wrong, im running a 600 hps, happy frog soil, fowfarm nutes, stadium style, i use a cool tube and the plants are close. I am getting better though every grow and im experimenting with differnt genetics

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    get some coco...........what space you using your 600?
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    i got 6 x 6 im gonna expand to 6 x 8 with 2 600hps. i sent u message del did u get it?
    collective gardener

    collective gardener Well-Known Member

    Is that 6 feet by 6 feet with a single 600? If so, not NEAR enough light, my man. That's like 17 watts/sq ft! We run 60 watts/sq ft, and haven't seen real quality buds with less than 50. 6 x 8 with 1200 watts still only gives you 25 watts/sq ft. As a general guidline, 3x3 with a 600, and 4x4 with a 1000.

    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    dels gonna have everyone going 12/12 from seed

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    dats the plan............
    Secret Ladies

    Secret Ladies Member

    There is no benefit from going straight into 12/12 from seed other than saving a bit on the light bill. Clones, unlike seedlings are already sexually mature and can be flowered immediately. Seeds on the other hand need to be sexually differentiated before they'll produce flowers ( usually around the 9th node.) If you only give yhem 12 hours of available light these Plants will still only produce leaves, not flowers. Depriving them of light during this pre-flower phase will only decrease yield because you're missing out on atleast 6 hours of time under the light. You should be giving them atleast 18 hours of light a day until you see some flowering They'll get to the desired height quicker too.

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    rubbish......12-12 from seed produces 2-4 oz dry...whats the problem with that..............

    PuffPuffPassed Active Member


    Dankenfest Member

    Damn Del, that is some impressive shit!

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    cheers mate,if i can do it i reckon anyone can.......well maybe just about anyone

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    Given you have the proper setup you can get 2-4 oz from all sorts of variants. 12-12 from seed, short veg, long veg.

    Depends on growing conditions. Light type, light size, power, mylar used or no, cooling, temperatures, humidity, number of plants growing, type of medium, soil, water, aero, ect.. LOTS of variables.

    Hell, you can get almost a pound off a 400w with a 25-30 day veg in scrog and a waterfarm if grown almost perfectly.

    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    hmmm that would be tight but i think a little far fetched

    mr2shim Well-Known Member

    What is? Getting a pound in a 400w with 1 waterfarm? Not really, follow Dayzt's grow and or scottyballs, he has gotten 15oz before, 1 oz shy of a pound. I'm sure Dayzt is gonna get at least a pound from his 400w and waterfarm. Even though Dayzt vegged longer 63 days Scottyballs vegged his PE for 25 and came out with 10oz, I think he vegged his Blue Mystic about the same.

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