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How long to soak seeds?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by 2beanklm, Feb 14, 2010.


    2beanklm Active Member

    thought i might try soaking for germination instead of paper towels. how long do you guys going this route let them soak before the soil?

    greenquartz Well-Known Member

    you can just soak them until u see them crack i usually just use a shotglass
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    Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia Well-Known Member

    Unless they are older seeds you don't need to soak them in anything.

    I just put mine in a moist cup of soil and let it do it's thing...don't make it harder than it is with paper towels and soaking!

    feva Well-Known Member

    well im new and just did mine but i let them soak till they craked then planted. I took water that set out for a couple days droped in seeds 2nd morning after they cracked

    dukeofbaja New Member

    I used to do paper towels but tried soaking and like it. I usually just soak them for 24 hours in a warm dark place. After 24 hours, I check them. I tap them softly to see if they sink. If they do, I plant it in soil and it usually sprouts in a day or two. If the seeds don't sink after 24 hours, I check again at 36 and 48 hours and do the same. If they have not sunk after 48 hours, I usually plant them anyway, but rarely do they grow.
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    BKCSG Active Member

    out of 200 quality seeds i've never had one that hasn't germinated and i've always put them directly into the soil. I never even touch the seeds, i just tip the bag it came in and let it fall into the little hole in the soil i made. I've never understood why people soak or use the paper towel method. In my opinion, the more you handle the seed, the greater the chance of wrecking the seed. Plus, you risk hurting the tap root when you transplant. Just do it in the soil... its how she likes it ; )

    dukeofbaja New Member

    So true BKCSG. I just stick seeds for my veggies into the soil and they seem to do well, I have never kept track of it though.

    2beanklm Active Member

    seems to me you would have alittle head start if you soaked them for 24 hours

    BKCSG Active Member

    I put them right into the soil and they sprout 2 1/2 to 3 days later. From what some of you are saying is you soak the seed for 24 hours and then plant it and 2 days later it sprouts? what am I losing by going directly into soil exept the chance of fucking it up? The paper towel method and soaking are neat little tricks, but why chance it and for what? to me its not worth it even if it speeds the process by a day. Its an f'ing seed.. it needs moist soil and warmth, thats it.
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    siccmade420 Active Member

    sorry but im gonna throw a question out there....you can stick a pot of soil with seeds planted in it and leave it in a warm dark place until they sprout?

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    I like soaking them til they sink (12-24 hrs) and then strait into root riot (rapid rooter, ect) cubes. I put them under the light so it's slightly warm and they pop in 2 or less days.
    Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia Well-Known Member

    This plant is going to take months to grow...why do you need a head start?


    The only time soaking is really beneficial is when you're using OLD, DRIED seeds. But even then, if you plant them directly in soil and water them in, they will probably absorb the same amount of water.

    If you bought seeds from a reputable seedbank then you can assume they are fresh enough and will germinate fine. If you found some 8 year old seeds in your sock drawer then maybe soaking them for 24 hours wouldn't be the worst idea.

    But really, if you let the taproot grow directly into the soil without handling it, you will VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE ALL stress and produce a healthier seedling.

    Plus, IT'S MORE WORK!

    Just put the seed 1/4 inch below the surface of the soil. 1/4 inch is pretty shallow...DON'T PLANT TOO DEEP. Just poke a hole, drop the seed and cover it up. Orientation doesn't matter...gravity will tell the root which way to grow. Then fully saturate your medium and place by a light source. In a few days your seedling will sprout.

    Don't mess with paper towels.

    Don't drown your seeds in water.

    Keep It Simple, Stupid.
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    2beanklm Active Member

    need a head start because my last grow went longer than expected and my window to finish the next grow is june first. after that the temperture in my grow room will reach above 90 degrees on a hot day without the lights on and i can't afford to run lights and an air conditioner.

    2beanklm Active Member

    Don't be sorry dude. thats a good question. from what i understand they don't need light until they get above the soil.
    weed waffle

    weed waffle Member

    hi im bearly starting to get into this stuff so im kinda iffy about alot of the info ive seen im just a simple dude looking for a way out of buying my own as i have no money for it then i thought about tht story about give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime so yea this is sorta my position im not looking to sell and become some sort of rich pot dealer jst a person with a bud plant u kno what i mean lolz so yea here is what i got to work with a pot soil sandy dirt from out side i got tress growing in the back so im thinking about getting the dirt close to the tree k im pretty sure i can buy a lamp with 400 wat bulb and im thinking about making the little shelf for the bud with some wood and carbord boxes using imagination here lol dnt judge me ^^ ive made more with less lol so yea any one got any tips to help me amp up the chances for success
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    jamboss Well-Known Member

    No you pig.
    weed waffle

    weed waffle Member

    jamboss wats ur problem dnt spam this thread with insults im asking for advice u dnt have nothing to offer then shut up nd stop trolling
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    cacamal Well-Known Member

    throw em in a shot glass and wait til they sink!!good luck

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I've germinated other ways but I like planting in soil. I use a heating mat for that purpose. The fastest I ever saw any signs of life was two days. I put the small pots on a heat pad i use for my back. Brought the soil temp up to like 75F. Seeds only need warmth and moisture.

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