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How long to hang dry?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Dutch Ma5tar, Sep 7, 2008.

    Dutch Ma5tar

    Dutch Ma5tar Active Member

    Hey everybodyy... I was just wondering, since harvest is coming soon.. When I chop and hang dry upside down. Is it ok to do it outside? and how long should it take hanging before i go to the curing stage? Thanks!

    Mowbuss Well-Known Member

    Hang until the stem snaps, if it bends, keep drying.

    ryeguy Well-Known Member

    hang outdoors for about a week until stem snaps..no into 2 but snaps if it bends nd dosent snap give it a few more days

    t0k3s Well-Known Member

    as long as it's not exposed to moisture or extreme heat,and the best way is to let the buds dry till the outside feels crispy yet spongy and the stems snap but do not break,then into jars over night then open for a day the reapeat unil they are cured:bigjoint:
    Bubba Kushman

    Bubba Kushman Well-Known Member

    It depends wher you live. If you hang outside in so cal it will dry too fast. If your in western oregon it will dry too slow outside. Its best indoors at about 80deg with a little air circulation for about 4-5 days. Then put in paper bags and let dry more for 2-3 days. At this point the stems should snap when you bend them. If not dry some more in paper bags until they do snap. When you put it in plastic bags or glass jars you dont want it to moisten up again, that seems to take away the smell and flavor. You dont want extra crispy either so check often. Its better to dry too fast then too slow.

    rmel0622 Active Member

    the best thing to do is just cut, hang for a few min, put into a jar for an hour and smoke
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    g13toker Well-Known Member

    well if u guna hang them outside lol obviosly make sure there covered from rain unless u like soaking wet bud xD

    g13toker Well-Known Member

    yehhhhhhhh LOL that would be the worst smoke u culd sossible get

    "hang for a min" <<< ok then...

    "put in a jar for an hour" <<< yea sure

    then smoke lol yea nice SOAKED BUD xD
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    Big Bad Bud

    Big Bad Bud Member

    well im just sayin when i smoke the dankest white widow i grew, and its fresh and dried for about 2 days, mmmmmmmhmmm nothin gets me higher then a slow burning moist bowlpack of fire ;)

    budgetgrower Member

    "hang it for a few min."? i think you are on the crack cocain, i am no pro at drying but i know it will take atleast a few days hangin and a week or so in jars.


    hootyhog Member

    i would't hangem outside. the plant needs to hang in the dark. keep air circulating and wait for the snap however long it takes.
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    col. forbin

    col. forbin Active Member

    I agree. Do put in a jar until its been hanging to dry for at least 3 days min.

    budgetgrower Member

    this is good info:)

    skolar182 Well-Known Member

    I LOL'd good at this! Even thow the thread starter posted this over 2 years ago...
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    er0senin Well-Known Member

    • the best thing to do is just cut, hang for a few min, put into a jar for an hour and smoke... a good lulz whatever year it is ^^


    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    Also consider not all buds are the same, your small buds are going to dry fast, sometimes overnight and ready for the jars. Your giant buds will need more time in the open air before they are ready for the jar. Be slective and go to youtube and watch a few videos they are very informative and you will get it right away as they all say the same thing. No where have I read or seen anyone that waits till the branch snaps rather wait till it seems as it is about to crack than jar up. The moisture in the stems has canaboind and you will rehydrate in the jar and the smell will apear letting you know it is party time. Also just dont put them in jars, 12 hours than open jars for a couple hours and let the cycle begin again for another 12 and so on. If you just put them in jars and leave them you will mold them up bad. Do research on youtube and google you have worked hard and dont want to mess them up now. Good luck
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    missnu Well-Known Member

    if you chop down the whole plant at the soil line and then hang the whole intact plant to dry it will dry slowly and start the cure while drying...makes it take longer before it is dry enough for jars...but when it is dry enough for jars it really is dry enough for jars...there should be no reason to have to open and close and wait and open and close again the same way that you have to with jars when you wet trim...
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    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Think his bud is dry enough yet?

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Who says they have to hang in the dark. From my experience just as long as they are not in direct light they should be fine. Show me info why they have to be put in the dark to support your claim. The room can have a little light without having any problems. Just wondering who says the room has to be completely dark.

    xxEMOxx Well-Known Member

    I hang mine in a dry, cool dark room my laundry room actually....... I hang them until when I bend the stem between the buds, it snaps like a broken limb. A clean "snap" not like bends then breaks/tears. Then I trim the nugs off the shoot and place into glass jars for curing...... This depending on the weather, bud / shoot size, etc. can be 5-15+ days..... generally 5-7 days with another at least 4 or 5 in the jar...... if not more!

    Oh yeah, I wet manicure everything!!! I do it all by hand, also I flush for at least a week, some strains 2........ before harvesting, and like to harvest either early lights on, or right before lights on to limit the amout of chlorphyl and chlorphyl production that has occured, hopefully limiting any excess minerals, nutes, or etc from being inside the leaves, flowers, calyx and etc. at time for harvest for a smoother, softer smoke.

    Light and excess heat degrade thc, and thc production which is actually still occuring even after the plant is chopped.

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