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How Long to Flower a Bagseed Sativa?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by jeezy42085, Jun 26, 2009.


    jeezy42085 Active Member

    Hey all, I am growing a beautiful 4 foot tall bagseed sativa mix. the leaves are really thin so i am pretty sure it is sativa dominant. I am in week 4 and it looks amazing(pics below) i am waiting on a 150 HPS so i can give her the true light she deserves. I am really starting to dislike my CFLs. I had one fall and break on me and that sucked. I am still goring to use the CFL's with the HPS 150. However since i am in week four how much longer would you guys suggest letting her flower for. I am patient and want the bes results. I have heard 14 weeks is this accurate? I have also read in the CANNABIBLE TO LET THE LEAVES CHANGE COLORS BEFORE HARVESTING. I am using Flora Nova nutes and so far for 4 weeks she is awesome. I just want to know what you guys think, I really need some input. Has any one ever flowered bagseed sativa and how long did you let it flower. Again, I want best results i have come this far, I am not in a hurry.:eyesmoke: Please give me some feed back i appreciate it as always.

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    jeezy42085 Active Member

    Hey one more thing these pics were taken four or 5 days ago she has gotten a little more Budidge since i will tey to up load some new ones. Thanks again:eyesmoke:

    blazinbudsforever Well-Known Member

    maybe another 4 weeks who knows? it will look done when its done lol

    jeezy42085 Active Member

    here are the new picsbongsmilie Again this is only one plant and she is in week 4 of flower and is 4 feet tall!!!!:bigjoint:

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    jeezy42085 Active Member




    SativaSam Well-Known Member

    Your plants look great but sativa takes forever. I've never had any sativa ready short of 12 weeks flower. If you have patience you will be rewarded.

    Phrasty Well-Known Member


    Steadmanclan Well-Known Member

    bagseed sativa dom..
    flowered for 14 weeks..

    main cola was like 4 or 5 inches wide before it was dry. she put on crazy weight in the last three weeks. the leaves turn yellow because you stop using your nutes and just use r/o water for the last 2-3 weeks. I also use molasses during the flush, it seems like this helps with the bulk.

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    amish420 Active Member

    It was said before but with sativas you definatly need one. A simple 30x is good enough and can be gotten many places.
    UNKL L

    UNKL L Active Member

    ur baby looks a lot like mine except she is outside. hasnt started flowering still getting 14 hrs light. want to bring her in for flowering what lighting should i use.
    josh b

    josh b Well-Known Member

    did u veg it so how long for?
    willie kent

    willie kent Member

    Hey man i have something very similar to that. I'm pretty new to this too. How did your turn out like yield, quality, and how long was the flowering cycle for that plant?
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    Steadmanclan Well-Known Member

    You realize this thread is two years old?

    ianlionzion Member


    ianlionzion Member

    no i didnt..........duh..lets hope we get it going for him...

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