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how long to clones in humidity dome

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by gogsyc, Jan 24, 2011.


    gogsyc Active Member

    have 16 clones in humidity dome 1 week today some good new growth so far but could'nt see any roots they're in 2"x2" seed cell trays in soil.

    Can they come out of dome?
    should i put them under 4' flourescent for few days or straight into main room with 2x600w hps?
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    Clones shouldn't be taken out of their high humidity environment until they have healthy roots. Even then, it often helps to keep the humidity up a bit until they are settled into their new containers. Cloning usually goes: healthy, perky cuttings put into cloning; soon after they start to droop a bit; they perk up slightly once they get used to the cloning area; lower fan leaves begin yellowing and plant droops somewhat as it sprouts new roots; plants perk up noticeably after the roots begin growing; a day or two after they perk up, roots become visible and they are ready to be planted.
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    moodster Well-Known Member

    wait till they have roots before they come out of the dome or they will wilt some take up to 3 weeks sometimes
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    gogsyc Active Member

    Thanks any advice on putting them straight under hps or florescents
    when rooted
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    Fluorescents are usually safer to put clones and seedlings under as both the light and the heat are commonly less intense than with HID. Once they get going, an HPS would likely support a stronger growth rate, though. Put rooted clones at twice normal distance from any lights, steadily moving them closer each day.
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    gogsyc Active Member

    yeah florescents to begin with sounds good, thanks man

    cd123atd4e Member

    Im dealing with the same ish mine were taking out at week 1.5 and I just put them back after a couple days cloning is a delicate art.. And they need care.. I mean they are growing roots but still not ready yet

    fg2020 Active Member

    Using either the 1.5" A-OK plugs or the macro-plugs (preferred) under a dome, I wait until at least a dozen or so roots are shooting out the bottom of the plug. Then, they go directly under a 600w HPS (typically 24" or higher from plant tops) on 12h cycle w/ 4x4x4 cubes. If I do not wait for the rooting as described, they take much longer to get going and yield is reduced.
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    fciliberto Member

    Would you be so kind as to tell me what yield you get per plant from flowering a rooted clone that small? Do you just get one cola?

    wallis91 New Member

    Can you just flower clones after they've rooted a bit will it hurt the yield loads I know they'd be smaller how small would b good to know

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