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How long to be a resident before you can apply for a medical card?

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by Mattdog, Nov 8, 2010.


    Mattdog Member

    I need to know how long you need to be a resident before you can apply for a medical card and get it successfully?

    JBlaze10 Member

    as long as your a resident and you have an oregon address with an valid oregon id there is no waiting period.

    justparanoid Well-Known Member

    note to self, move to Oregon

    jeffbelize New Member

    You do not need to be a Oregon resident to get a OMMP card...just fax over your paper work to one of the OMMP clinic and see if you qualify,then come with your paper work and money to get card you should be able to do it all in one afternoon.It took me less then a hour.

    Tla Member

    ya man i live in washington and have an oregon card

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    well theri is no point in having a oregon card in washington

    jeffbelize New Member

    i live in Oregon and have a wash card also...i see lots of reason to having both..Lots of good farmers markets in WASH...NO PLACE IN OREGON to get rid of exter meds..i have homes in Wash and Oreogn

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    so now you who called me a low life criminal is breaking the law by transporting across state lines. your an idiot and a hypercrit

    jeffbelize New Member

    MC you really cant be this slow and stupid can you?you have to be trying to mess with me because no one can really be as stupid as you ?...I have homes in Wash and Oregon so how is that taking things accross state lines and so what if i do?I am allowed!...you a cop or do you tell the cops all this thats going on? Is that why you live on line so much?..You really need to get a life and stop living threw others on line...you sound like such a loser...lol...lol..Do you have any real friends?When is the last time a girl even gave you the time of day or a date?Or do you like the boys?not that there is any thing wrong with that...lol..butt packer.
    mcpurple likes this.

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    you must be slow and stupid if you dont know that it is illegal to bring meds over the state lines to profit. and ya Im a cop so watch out, I KNOW WHERE YOUR AT RIGHT NOW.
    and im online so much cuz i go to work all day then come home and check RIU for about 30 mins or so, i have some friends but not much, the people who i thought were my friends snitched on me, now i dont really even like people, cuz most of them are bitches and love drama and cant be trusted.
    im am not a loser though, how could i be a loser just because i tell you things that are true and all you do is badmouth other sites and it is not that i even care that you do so, but just cuz you got fucked over cuz your an idiot does not mean every one does.
    once again im sorry you hate me for no fucking apparent reasons, except the fact i dont agree with the shit you say along with alot of other people.
    Peace and keep hating it is funny

    EvolAlex Well-Known Member

    jErry jerry jerry

    mcpurple Well-Known Member


    jeffbelize New Member

    You ever wonder why life is like it is for you?LOOK inside turn off the computer and get back in the game...you just sound so sad

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    my life is actually pretty dam good and only getting better.
    you should really please stop complaining and just stop with your baby bullshit
    Li'l Bob

    Li'l Bob Member

    Wow, all this because someone asked about residency in Oregon-

    Dude, I hope you got your answer; if not, pm me and I'll get you to the state statute that clarifies it for you.

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