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how long till u see sprouts in the soil

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by smokie2008, Apr 21, 2008.


    smokie2008 Well-Known Member

    how long roughly do u wait till you see the first sprouts from ur seeds poking throw the soil?

    i have grown from seed once before and im sure it didn't take this long (3days from germ in soil) i think last time i was seeing it with in a day or 2 max.
    should i investigate or just leavem be???

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    Takes between 3-4 days for me, growing from bagseed of indeterminate origin and fertility. That's seeds that were germinated on the paper towel, then planted as soon as the root broke through.

    smokie2008 Well-Known Member

    i used cotton wool and a little metal tin i got with privious from pukka seeds it worked well the first time but this time they only cracked and a little shoot poking out so i put them in soil with a cup on top got the temp at 26'c god i hope they work i'll be gutted if not

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    If they've cracked then they're viable. I don't know shit about strains and their differences, so I'm assuming that due to all the variables one can expect a good variance in growth rates, etcetera.

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    I don't like cotten. He root hairs seem to get attached to the strands. I like paper towels, not ass wipe (it'll disolve) or a new CLEAN rag and only plant when sprout is about 1/2 long. A lot of times they sprout quick out from the pod and then just stop. If you let them get a inch or so you can weed out the weak ones and keep the aggressive
    ones....Strong sprout.....strong plant..:)
    good luck

    weedfeen Well-Known Member

    leave them along u can fuck the root system up. did u germ if so 2-4 days if not 1 week
    if it dosent come up then id go investigate

    smokie2008 Well-Known Member

    cheers everyone Fingers crossed hay :blsmoke:

    Medsmoker13 Active Member

    I started them in a wet PT under light on a het pad
    4-15 by 4-20 I had 7 out of 10 seed pop open went into a peetpod under a dome they are doing great

    smokie2008 Well-Known Member

    i think this is some think i must try soon i have used rock wall on some and im germ some more right now so will looking to that thanks

    whatapothead Well-Known Member

    i germ all my seeds in soil. no paper towel or anything. all natural here.

    usually takes on average a week this way.

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