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How long till seeds sprout

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by DOT5262, Oct 16, 2007.


    DOT5262 New Member

    how long deos it take till u see signs of life from a plant ? do seeds need light?... or alot of water?

    ALSO DOES anyone know How to lightproof a DOOR !!!!!

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    well im new to groing as well but based on 4 failed attemps i have picked up alot of germination skill, lol plants never last more than 2 weeks tho. My method combines the 2 most common..while the seed is dormant (dry) its safe to touch but handle with care...1st off....i get a small glass fill with about 2inch of water, place the seeds in the glass,you'll notice they float... then cover the entire glass with somthing light CAN NOT seep thru. place in a warm area....12-24 hrs later you'll notice all the seeds or most have sank to the bottom..thats a sure sign the seed is saturated in water.. THEN use the paper towl method but be sure to use sterile tweaser to remove the seeds and place in the towel. DO NOT TOUCH the seeds once moistened, germs killlllllll....again, keep in a warm place AWAY from light. check ever 12 hrs or so, till u get about 1/2 to 3/4 in sprout then plant..best of luck, im just 1 step ahead of ya .pray for me :-)

    DOT5262 New Member

    i ment from the dirt....i alredi germinated them... i think they wernt all the way done when i planted them ,.. and i touched them with my hands ... will that be a problem ?

    SuperBud Active Member

    Hey, I am starting the process of germinating some seeds i got from Holloand. They were expensive and I dont want to $%# them up. I have a stealth hydro closet that I am going to use to grow these babies and its going to be trial and error.(Hope mre trial than error though) Any tips on doing it right. Oh also I amgoing to try the 'training' tecnique spiral method to keep them from getting tall but trying not to limit the yeild. Anyway help and suggestions is needed. Thanks stoners,lol

    dirtyal1223 Smoky McPot

    How many days has it been? Depends on how far under the soil it was that you planted the seeds (should be 1/4-1/2 inch under). Should take a few days to show after planting. It's okay to put lights over the soil after you have planted because the plant will need light s it grows out of the soil. And the seed has already been germinated and the roots are in the soil so light shouldn't matter. Not a lot of water. Just enough so that when you stick youre finger in the soil 1/2 inch down, it's still moist. Watering once every couple days is a good rule to go by. You will notice the leaves droop if you are watering too much.

    DOT5262 New Member

    AL : i planted it 1-2 days ago and watered right after i put them in ... the first day i didnt have lights on them.. i just kept them in my closet woll i finished up my growbox.... now i got a light on them...i think i planted them way to deep... i hoep they come up..

    Super : i suggest A... putting them in water... i tryed just a wet paper towl and it seemed like they didnt do nething so i stuck the paper towl in about 1/2-inch of water in a plastic bowl with a lid ( keep moisture) then STick it in a dark spot till they show white tails...

    second thing of advice is... if u germinate 2 diffrent strains at one time... make sure u know which is which.. cuz now i dont :)

    dirtyal1223 Smoky McPot

    Super - Some don't think this method works but I've been doing it forever. Take a paper towel and get it moist with CLEAN water, not tap bc it has chlorine in it. If you must use tap, let it sit for a day so the chlorine dissolves. Set the seeds on the paper towel, should stay about an inch away from eachother, and fold the paper towel over them so that you have made a seed quesadilla. Stick the paper towel in a ziploc bag and keep it somewhere preferably warm and dark for a few days. Some say it takes 4 days to a week but has never taken more than a day and a half for the roots to start coming out for me. Once you unfold the paper towel in a couple days, take the seeds out GENTLY and plant them 1/4 - 1/2 inch under the soil. Make sure you put the root facing down. Some think the root coming out of the seed is the stem and plant it facing up... bad idea.

    bambam13579 Well-Known Member

    hi i just germed my seeds by putting them in a 1/8 grip seal bag half filled with water and put them in a cigarette box on the radiator which is on low heat all seeds so far have opened with a little tiny and i mean tiny about 2mm root i have planted them. i might have put a bit too much water will it be ok if i don't water again until it has dried a bit, obviously not dried out too much but just enough

    email468 Well-Known Member

    my experience has been seeds usually crack within the first 24 hrs. (paper towel method). The seeds should remain moist at all times and should also remain in the dark.

    as soon as the seed cracks - in the system they go!

    kagenical Well-Known Member

    It can take 2-7 days for seed cotyledons to appear above the soil line, from planting (provided you used the paper towel method of germination).

    aztecline Active Member

    He is asking about the sprouting not germination process.

    I planted my germinated seed yesterday at 1:13pm, checked today at 4:14pm and i see it rising above the soil. It took me roughly a day to see it above soil, however, it's not fully up yet. I have two CFL's on since yesterday and haven't turned it off yet. I'm going to keep it 24/7 lighting till I see some leaves, then maybe I'll cut it down to 18/6.

    I say give it a week at most for them to sprout. If they don't, they may be rotted in the soil. I planted mine about an inch below the surface.. I thought that was too deep but I'm glad it pulled through. Hope that helps.

    Also, about touching the seed during planting, I definately touched mine, not by the taproot but by the 'shell'. It should be okay as long as the taproot isn't damaged.

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