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How long should I veg my plants for..???? PLEASE HELP..!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Mr Rules, Nov 24, 2011.

    Mr Rules

    Mr Rules Member

    Hi people, I'm 3 weeks into 18/6 vegging on my first ever grow, 30 fruit spirit plants grown from seed.. When the seeds germinated I put them in rapid rooters, then into a humidity dome until they was around 5/6 inches tall. I then re-potted them into 11 litre pots and placed them in my grow room under two 600watt HPS lights.
    I'm now 3 weeks into veg and some of my plants are measuring up to 22 inches tall.!!! Do you think that is too tall for 3 weeks into vegging..??? And how do you tell if your plants have stretched..??? SO............ Do I change the light cycle to 12/12 or wait a little longer..???? PLEASE HELP...!!!!!!!

    HonestJim Active Member

    A good rule of thumb is once your plants have reached about half the size you want them to be it's time to start flowering. Your plants will usually double, sometimes even triple in size during flowering. As far as stretching, it is not uncommon for plants to stretch under HPS during veg. Really hard to give you more than that without photos.

    Palmdiggidy Well-Known Member

    as honestjim said about half the size. i veg for like a week after my roots are about 8 10 inchs long thats what i look for, i use a home made ez cloner. also it depends on the strain(indica imo needs longer veg) i have a super skunk that needs like almost 2 months to veg but yields awsome. my bubba though gets the week an still shows its love. lastly your setup if your in dirt an wana take your time an get monster plants veg longer for example scrog or some lst. or you can take 24 plants veg a week or two then flower, this is what i prefer (sog) because i can fit 24-30 in each of my 3x3 flood trays cutting once a month. this method is great for turn over i can harvest about 1.5 2 pounds a month this way. hope this helps have a growtastic day
    Mr Rules

    Mr Rules Member

    Thanks for the replys people, appreciate it.. regarding the stretching, heres a picture of the biggest plant, its 22 inches high... What do you guys think..????

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    That plant looks great!! Not too much stretch at all. flip those lights to 12/12 any day bro.
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    Mr Rules

    Mr Rules Member

    Thanks mate..!!!! oh cool, was beggining to worry a little.. changed the lights to 12/12 today.!!! do I change the feed now then..???

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    I personally dont switch to flowering nutes until pistils start showing. I also give 2 doses of veg nutes throughout flowering to keep em green. Once after 3 weeks and once after 6 weeks.

    HonestJim Active Member

    I agree, no stretching there. Your plant is just a healthy, fast grower. Congrats.

    Stickystickyganja Well-Known Member

    That is pretty tall. Do you now when that strain naturally starts to sex? If it is within the next 2 week ide wait, if it doesnt sex flip it. When she flowers she will be a big bitch. GL

    newgrower92 Member

    sativa requires more veg then indica

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    If your internodal spacing is far apart, u have stretching... But, it sounds about right to me, from what u described... Veg time all depends on how much space u have to flower them out in... They will continue to grow 25-50% the size they were when u switch to 12/12 and induce flowering, so with that in mind, u have to determine your own veg times... I have a good bit of space to contend with, and like mine to get big and bushy, so I tend to veg mine out for more like 3 months, allowing sexual maturity to come about, discard males(unless I am breeding), and then throw them into flowering under the same HPS/MH combo I veg under, only with higher levels of HPS than MH, which is opposite of what I veg under(more MH than HPS)... Plus, with topping methods, and tying stalks down, and ScrOG or SOG tresilling methods, I let em grow nice and robustly...

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