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How long is pollen viable?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Papi Chingon, Jan 20, 2009.

    Papi Chingon

    Papi Chingon Well-Known Member

    I had a male plant that I bred with several females and I didn't do the paintbrush technique, I just let about 15% or so of the pollen sacks burst, then removed the male. Now that the females matured and developed seeds I just pulled them, but want to throw some more females in the room for a standard grow. The question is, do I have to go into the room and wipe it down with some type of a bleach mixture (or another cleaning agent) to kill pollen, or can I just throw the new females in there and not have to worry?

    I have more seeds than I know what to do with, so the last thing I need at this point is for the new plants to end up with seeds due to live pollen still in the room.
    tommy gibbs

    tommy gibbs Well-Known Member

    i posted this same thread like a week ago. never got a response. . . someones gotta know
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    ive heard spray down the room like it was getting ready for surgery with a 10% clorox mixture

    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt know whether you would have to spray it down but pollen stays alive for like 12 months i would say just use water or soapy water and a damp cloths. i wouldnt be to worried about it tho. but its always good to clean between grows
    Papi Chingon

    Papi Chingon Well-Known Member

    tommy, was your question more of how long can it be viable if stored in ziplock baggies, or how long is it viable in the air?

    thanks for your responses everyone, i guess i'm going to go to town with a wet rag and a slight bleach mix.

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    If your saving male pollen, keep it in your freezer up to a couple months.


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