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how long in vegging?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lucy, Apr 25, 2007.


    lucy Active Member

    It's my first grow and I have my plants under 18/18 of cfl. It's for about 3 weeks now.

    How long will should I keep doing this? When will they start flowering?

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    Start flowering when the plant is about half to a third of the size your plant can get in your space, in flowering it will really grow

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    There are 2 features that distinguish mature veggie plants from immature ones. They are alternating nodal arrangement and leaves with 5 or more blades. You can flower before those features are present, but the plants will perform a whole lot better if you wait. Most strains except for equ. sats have these by 12" or so.

    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    I started flowering my plant at 3 weeks, 7 inches tall, but pretty ushy

    greenleafhigh Well-Known Member

    Really you cn flower when ever you want longer you veg more bud you get bu y are you doing 18/18 shouldnt you do like 18/6 or 20/4
    BuBbLe Ku$h

    BuBbLe Ku$h Active Member

    yea dont 18/18 for veg stage ... if i were you i would put on 20 / 4 at least some people tend to use 24 hours light one till about 3 weeks until your prime budding time, then take off 24 hour light and work it down to like 18 / 6 for couple weeks then when you want to flower have the lights set to a consistent 12 / 12 hour light cycle.. make sure no light or disturbance occurs when lights are out..

    topdogedog Active Member

    right on dude

    potsmokinbasturd Active Member

    Dude when you veg do it 24 hours a day untill u r ready to flower. Then go straight to 13/11 for 1 week . You should see signs of gender by then. The last 4 weeks of flower 12/12. This way your nodes will be close together before flowering. And bigger buddage.

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