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How long have I got? "the black spot!"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MrKhola, Aug 5, 2007.


    MrKhola Well-Known Member

    A theoretical Problem
    Ok im battling against time here- I identified problem a while ago which i guessed was Pythium (root-rot). I thought I was catching it early but it didnt really show in pics when i put it up here- now im pretty sure you can see what im talking about!- Id like to know how far im gonna make it into flowering- any help or comments appreciated.

    prob 1 -The browning and white bumps on the stalk of the greenhouse plant has now dried over in one point and has a bark-like appearence now with ridges running down. However the outside plants' stems are now showing equally disturbing signs and my main momma has some nasty looking stuff goin on down there.

    prob 2- I also have these nasty looking "black spots" on the greenhouse problem-plant- they dont really show in the photo- they are slightly raised and are only on a few leaves. they are dead small and can almost be scraped off- strange fungus?!

    So is there anything I can do? pretty sure im not gonna make it to optimum maturity but the weather here has picked up and the sun is blazing now- im hoping if its a moisture prob it might level out? Strain is Khola and i planted in mid april. use liquid seaweed, Bionic boost, and some all round soluble ferts (this is all i have lying around)

    Some of the shots are just general so u can maybe tell me how long i have left... branches etc

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    MrKhola Well-Known Member

    more pics to get the jist - im guessing maybe 6weeks? had good results in this location before but it has been SOO damp!

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    mambokabui Well-Known Member

    Is this greenhouse venulated? And try using the macro setting on your camera, it will let you take close up pics of the leaves...do not zoom in just move the camera closer.

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you have root rot, you may not. Drooping leaves is one of the first signs and your leaves look great. To me your plants look healthy. The barky looking stuff on the stalks is natural I thought? I don't see any real black spots. I'll defer naturally to those with more experience.

    Grow Marijuana FAQ, Cannabis cultivation - marijuana growing tips & photos

    and another article states with a section on root rot towards the bottom:


    Just doesnt' look like root rot.

    MrKhola Well-Known Member

    thanks for your comments :) U have instilled a little hope into this hippy :) hard to get a pic that shows prob. properly as macro funtion on camera dnt seem to work so well (i did try).

    have a number of these tiny black dots now and am more curious than anything- will try and get a photo today. at first I thought it was a black tarry sunbstance that had dripped onto the plant- but now more have sprung up- (u can JUST see a dot in the shot of me holding leaf- it is on the focused leaf below) thinking I may may make it all the way to harvest now but am keeping my eye on my ladies :)

    MrKhola Well-Known Member

    U know, I think they were just turning into trees with gnarly stems like they are now... Panic over, I just never usually plant that early so I got 6.5 foot trees now ... grin...

    still had black spots on leaves in greenhouse for sure though...

    razorblaze Active Member

    MrKhola, I have the same problems with the black spots too... Have you found out what they are? Is it a problem?


    LuckyMcSmoke Member

    Same i have same prob my black spots seem to be coming from the center of the left my girls are 2 weeks old temp is 28 to 25 degrees and 51 to 60 humidity so its says sorta wonder if its readiing right anyways hope someone can find the prob. B )

    dertyoldman Member

    could the black spots maybe be a type of fungus?

    oregonism99 Member

    have you checked the ph of the medium? my greenhouse had the same problem soil ph was 5.8-6.1. black spots on my leafs in that hole. hydrated lime will stabilize the ph at least and help to ward it off.

    Antigen Well-Known Member

    These small black raised spots you are describing is something that I get ONLY on my plants that I put outside, so I think it is just some kind of bug shit or something. It has never appeared on any of my inside grows, and if I take a plant and put it outside for a couple days, just in the pot, it will get a few of those spots on it. They have never done anything negative that I could see though, and you can scrape them off the leaves so all those things lead me to believe it comes from something external to the plant and is not related to pH, ferts, or soil. Probably just some bug taking a crap there. :p

    Also the hardening of the main stem and white bumps are normal, it should start to look more like tree bark as the plant grows bigger. All my plants always do this after they get old enough.

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