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how long for my seeds to sprout out soil

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by budolskie, Sep 21, 2010.


    budolskie Well-Known Member

    i have put them in soil under a 600w hps which is about 30 inch away with a fan on and temp is around 28 will that be ok for them to start any help please:joint::joint::joint:
    The sim's Bob Newbie

    The sim's Bob Newbie Well-Known Member

    I'd say sod the HPS at this point (I admit I know nothing about them but...) - I'd start them off with a few CFL's about 3-4 inches away...give them 3-4 days and they should come through...

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Light is not required for seeds to germinate - neither is total darkness.

    But once you have green above the soil light IS necessary.

    Islander5000 Active Member

    You don't need light right now and you won't need more than a cfl or two for the 1st couple weeks. Humidity and warmth are what you need so consider losing the fan and covering the containers with plastic wrap until they pop.

    budolskie Well-Known Member

    my seeds have already popped with the white shoots coming out thats when i planted when all little white shoots were visable u think i should still use a cfl i have a 200w one but i thought my 600hps would be better but im only learning plenty of time for me to grow cream im only young ha

    danno48 Active Member

    Ditch the damn CFL. Once they bust soil put the HPS on 'em about 18 inches away. Botta bing, botta boom.

    joseph112284 Well-Known Member

    Hey man if its already popped go with the 200watt cfl dont use the hps just yet give it 2 weeks or more before you put it under the hps that light is too intense. At this point you want the light as close as possible to the spout as you can get it and with the hps you cant do that because it puts off to much heat at this point and it will kill your sprout if your not careful so definetly use your CFL for at least 2 weeks before you even concider putting it under the HPS.

    Take care

    budolskie Well-Known Member

    ok il swap them over today hope nothing has happend since yesterday lunch time as these are ten feminised blueberry and i will be sick

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Lot of conflicting advice about lights.

    I have found MJ sprouts love the fierce Spanish sun the moment they pop. So no light will be too fierce.


    think about NATURE, the seed falls off the plant,falls on the ground with no dirt on top, rain causes it to germ and settle in the mud a little, the taproot finds it's way into the soil. All while the sun hits it between 8 and 12 hours a day. and check it out, they manage to grow with no help from a human. Don't make things harder then they need to be.

    Trabecula Well-Known Member

    First and only time I used my 400w hps with seedlings, it literally toasted them! Plus, you won't really need all that watt-consuming HPS for now. You'll do great with a few good CFL's for a week or two and then switch to the HPS!
    Good luck!

    budolskie Well-Known Member

    2 have popped out now should i change to cfl or will they be ok under the 600w hps

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