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How long does the veg period usually take?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by HisGirl420, Apr 4, 2011.


    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Roughly how long is the veg period (minimum)
    I don't plan on doing it the minimum, I'm just curious. Also my boyfriend and I want to transplant our Skunk1 from soil to hydro, any tips on doing that? Best medium to use? Seriously, any tips would help :)

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    heathaa Well-Known Member

    you have some reading to do. before you transplant watch youtube videos and read some. you can skip veggie period if you want. but most people wait till the plant gets about a foot tall at least but i would shoot for about 20 inches before flowering. the plant will double or triple in size during flowering so make sure you have enough room

    medicalgrowman Active Member

    Some people go directly from seed to 12/12 flowering cycle.
    However, in reality, just because the lighting has been set to 12/12,
    doesn't mean that the plant is going to immediately
    start making buds. The plant has a natural progression to maturity that requires an amount of time of vegging.
    I put my plants into 12/12 at about 3 weeks from seed. My plants are about 1.5' tall and growing vigorously.
    I topped them once.
    At about 1-month from seed, I see no signs of flowering yet. Mine are Aurora Indicas btw.
    Different plant strains have different growth cycles.
    In my opinion it is best to let them veg for 1 month, then switch to 12/12.
    I don't know about moving from soil to hydro.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    You will probably kill the plant going from soil to Hydro, its just too big of a change for the plant to adapt to. You are much better off making clones of the original and growing those from hydro start to finish. The minimum I would veg a plant is 18 inches tall, irregardless of how long that takes. In Hydro that might only take 2 weeks, in some soil combinations it could take 3 months. Lots of variables.

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Well I had watched something where a guy was transplanting from soil to hydro. No big deal if we can't, I'd kinda rather do it with clones anyway. And I know a bit for hydroponics, I just like getting other people's opinions.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    When it comes to vegging you need to factor in the capability of your lighting, your actual usable growing height and the strain you are growing, as in how much stretch you can expect from it rather than just the traditional 2 to 3 times stretch people always say to expect.

    If you have any lighting limitations, as in how much light penetration you can actually count on for adequate amounts of light to the lower portion of your plants, it is senseless to veg to a height where when they stretch in flower you will be unable to provide adequate lighting to the lower portion of your plants. Vegging to a point where during stretch the lower portion of your plants will be in low light conditions and you lose leaves and maybe entire branches and maybe the lower third of your plants at best produce popcorn bud is wasted time, added time to the overall number of days for your crop with little to nothing to show for those days.

    If you have any height limitations you don't want to veg to a point where when stretch hits your plants tops end up in your lighting and you have to scramble to attempt to find ways to deal with it. None of them are every really good.

    Depending on what strain or strains someone grows they need to attempt to find out if many different phenotypes are likely and if so what to expect from each. People always say plants will stretch 2 to 3 times but I have had then stretch 6 to almost 7 times in height while in flower when I ended up with a rather sativa phenotype.

    And if someone is growing something known for it's height and major stretch you can skip vegging and start out with a 12/12 light cycle. You can do that with any strain but it only makes sense to do it with something well known for it's height.

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    So how long would my plant probably have left in veg? It was planted 2/11 but its stem broke completely after just a week and a half-ish so when we replanted the top portion, it had a lot of repairing to do but now it's growing quick as hell

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