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How long does the clones take to grow???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by kathleenbilly, Jan 21, 2008.


    kathleenbilly Well-Known Member


    I'm going to be taking clones for the first time shortly and was going to take them two weeks into flower but was advised against this and it seems i now will take them whilst only when in veg.

    So what i would like to know is if i take clones, and then move my plants to flowering which will take a miminum of 8 weeks before i can have the space to flower the clones. How big would my clones of grown roughly in this time, so from cutting 8 weeks later how tall would they be ?

    Myself i would like them to be no bigger than 2.5 foot ideally in 8 weeks is this realistic or would they be much bigger in that time ? :roll:

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    id say 6 weeks, i would vegg after they root.
    whatever you vegg, you can double, when you flower.
    and the bigger you grow, the more lires you need, or the undergrowth is mostly waste.
    i grow smaller plants, with more tops, so the plants get equal light,to the buds, more evenly.
    topping takes a week or two longer, but worth it in the end.

    slappyboy Well-Known Member

    Depends how you grow.Always take clone in veg state plants.I take clones and it take 3-7 days for roots to come out the rockwool cubes bottom and I usually grow aero so I toss them into my setup veg them 10 days and they get to about 14 inches tall then I veg.In soil you root the clones in rockwool and place them in the soil when the roots come through and then veg for about 4 weeks or so dependiong on how much room you have .My dirt clone are about 16 inches in a month of vegging...FilthyFletch

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    id say a clone 8 week vegg, then 2 1/2 to 3 foot,

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    also id give the plants,you take clones from, 2 weeks, to grow back before you goto 12/12.

    weave2768 Member

    you have to try to take your clone from a flowering plant.i always do an trust me they take like a week longer to root but when they do baby thay do.it comes straight out of rooting into an instant bush,right from 1 1/2 inch rooted clone put plant straight into your soil.put it right on 18, 6 light cycle an you know the rest,plenty of light an only water 1 good time a week. i promise it will be a little bush and steadley bush without trimming and you wont believe the big bush of bud!!! you got to try to believe,promise you will never go back to veg. cloning again!!!!! good luck,must try

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