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How Long Does Marijuana REALLY Take To Grow???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mr.greene, Jan 19, 2012.


    mr.greene Member

    ive heard 7 months, ive hear just about 2 months...so what i really wanna know. HOW LONG DOES IT REALLY TAKE??? :?:?:?

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    Outdoors, can take months and months. Indoors, can take anywhere from 2-4 months to get bud. Depending on how big a plant you want, how much bud you want, if you flower from clone.

    mr.greene Member

    well how long from clones? (hopefully shorter) is the first grow always the hardest?

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    A typical grow takes about 85 days from seed to harvest, but that number can vary quite a bit depending on what strain you're growing and how long you keep the plants growing vegetatively before flowering them. If you want to minimize calendar days of grow time, you can select early-maturing strains for growing.

    If you're starting with a plant that's already sexually mature (eg a clone), then, again, depending on strain you can harvest in as little as 6 weeks after starting flowering.
    On the other hand, some equatorial or tropical sativa strains may take fully 16 weeks, or even longer before the flowers are mature and optimum for harvest.

    All of this assumes you're controlling the plants growth and flowering with artificial light.

    If you're growing outdoors in sunlight, in the Northern hemisphere cannabis plants typically finish their flowering around October, irrespective of when they've been planted.

    Again, certain strains can be done somewhat earlier, and some can take quite a bit longer.

    mcalegolas&bonq420 Active Member

    It really depends on your set-up and strain as well as how long u feel u should veg your plant.

    BenRound Member

    It depends on all the things it depends on. As short as 8 weeks or as long as never, depending on so many different factors we would have to write a... well, book for you.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    the fastest you can get a harvest from seed? I would think 60 days is pushing it and thats if you start 12/12 from seed with a very fast flowering strain

    the longest it could take? Well I've had my Kali's in veg from seed for 50 days almost and have another 2 maybe 3 weeks of veg to go. then another 13-14 weeks to flower so thats gunna be around 150 days total and it could go even longer if you vegged longer or had a 16 week flowering strain

    so anywhere between 60 and 150 days depending on how you decide to grow your plants and what strain you use

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Depends on what strain and what variables we are talking about here, and a matter of preference as well...if you want a plant done fast, and don't need it to be very big then you can induce flowering sooner...that takes out all the veg time and saves you that time, but if you want a bigger plant with a greater yield then you veg the plant as long as you want to really, until it is the size at which you want to flip the lights to induce flowering, unless of course you get an Automatic cannabis strain...then it decides all that itself without you changing the lights, but again since you don't control how long the plant spends doing what stage of growth it will grow how it is going to grow...they take less time than photo strains, unless again you go straight into 12/12...ok...rewind. I have one strain that flowers for 10-12 weeks, and then I have another that is done flowering in around 8-10 weeks...but both of those are really supposed to be given time for vegetative growth as well, and I usually give about 3-4 weeks of veg time...so one month for veg and then 2-3 to flower usually...so 4-5 months...jeez...that is a long time...and now I have some autos I plan to grow while I wait on the regular photo induced seeds...the autoflowers are supposed to finish in 65 days from seed, but they literally just popped the soil yesterday, so who knows what will happen.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    The longest it could possibly take indoors and this sure would be impressive would be if you did a scrog with a 16 week sativa... If you topped multiple times and had many shoots grown out to 7 feet tall and then scrogged that and flipped to 12/12 you could be looking at more than 200+ days from start to finish lol that would be one crazy grow

    First time around can be harder because you dont have a mother plant so unless you are able to aquire clones then you have to germinate seeds then let them veg a bit longer because a clone has a bit of a head start compared to seed

    mr.greene Member

    so could someone some up my last question? i have 2 dro (unknown, possibly OG) and 3 good ol' reggie. how long should i veg under a 6,500k t8 bulb with a 2 inch lower from plant to light. and how exactly do i 'induce' budding/flowering?

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    vegging is done with a photoperiod of anywhere between 18 and 24 hours of continuous light in a 24 hours period. How long you veg for is entirely up to you and should be determined by how much ceiling height you have, what kindof lights youll use for flower, and whether or not you plan to top or lst your plants.
    Plants will double or tripple in height during flower so that should be kept in mind. If you have strong lights and few plants you will want to continue to veg a bit longer because youll have good light penetration even with taller plants, if your flowering under whimpy lights you will want to flip to 12/12 as soon as possible

    Edit: by giving your plants 12 hours of uninterupted darkness every 24 hours you will induce your plants to flower

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    By the way... you should probably buy Marijuana Horticulture the indoor/outdoor Medical Grower's Bible -By Jorge Cervantes

    it will answer most of your questions

    agenttokie Active Member

    Should take you about 7-10 more days then any amount of time mentioned while you read up on what your doing so you dont fail and get discouraged, just saying.

    mr.greene Member

    ill check it out thanks.

    and how will i know if their mature enough? not all plants grow the same so shouldnt i just eyeball it? and when do i stop flowering, or, how do i know when to harvest them at peak yeild.:weed:

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Depends how much goes wrong in your second grow...lol. This is the first grow I have had where I haven't felt like a shitty, failure, plant torturer....lol.

    jonnyquest Well-Known Member

    To the original poster, do some fucking research. You know who has the answer to all your stupid questions? Google.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member


    read a book

    mig1 Member

    Read a book an inform yourself. Read "marijuana made simple" book just out. Book is eighteen dollars at your local bookstore. It takes you step by step and you will find every answer to all your questions.

    SimonD Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I go from newly rooted clone to harvest in ~11-12 weeks - ~2.5-3.25oz per square foot dry/cured.


    mr.greene Member

    im new at this, you were to at some point, and i have im just double checking the awnsers so fuck you

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