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How long does it take to Root ?????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by OhioGrown, Feb 3, 2007.


    OhioGrown Well-Known Member

    ey all... i am just wondering about how many days it takes for clones to grow roots. i have one clone in a bubble_ponics device, and another clone that i moved from the bp device into soil...and dipped it into a rooting powder first.

    so any info on the times for either of my cuttings would be awsome.

    dursky Well-Known Member

    one week-10 days should do it. Did u use root hormones

    OhioGrown Well-Known Member

    thank you...and yes..for the clone in soil i used a rooting hormone

    Mozartgrow Member

    Hey i was just reading here and was woundering its been 12 days now since i put my clones in soil using rooting powder and well I dont see any new growth but they look alive well not dead anyway. so does that mean there rooted whats the issue. please help

    pussypounder Member

    the most important thing about cloning is to keep humidity as close to 100% as possible for 3to5 days.i like to put new cuttings in a humidity dome or plce a baggy over them to hold moisture in. as long as the leaves have moisture the cutting will survive untill roots develope approx. 5-10 days.

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