how long does it take to germinte

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    weedfeen Well-Known Member

    how long does it take to germinate a seed how many days need help asap.

    cincismoker Well-Known Member

    theres no given time it could take any were from a day to a week

    green_nobody Well-Known Member


    keep em warm and moist and then it goes fast normally. for my part i like to speed up things by adding some cloning hormone to the medium. giving the entire thing a forced start;) with good seed you see the tips coming up with in less 4 days that way normally.

    legalizetheglobe7 Member

    usually 3 days ina damp paper towel bro' dark cool place no disturbing the seed you should see a long white tail pop up and then you mplant that facing down in your soil and in a week youll see a sprout:)

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Keep them moist by germinating them inside a large snap-lock plastic baggie. I leave them alone the first day and take a peek after 48 hours.
    By then most have cracked and have a foot peeking out. I wait until eack seedling is at least an inch long and preferably closer to 1 1/2 inches.

    Good luck, BigSteve.

    Vanessa123 New Member

    HI im new and never done it from seed i put mine in rootit spouges and stil no signs of life they bin in since tuesay night i dont no wat to do just wait and hopn they come threw anyone any tibs thanks

    ^Slanty Active Member

    Ummm.... cool? Not!? You want them to be in a warm(at the very least room temp) environment when trying to germ them!

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