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How long does it take for seeds to mature?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by edcocks, May 14, 2008.


    edcocks Well-Known Member

    I have one Lowryder 2 which is now 11 weeks old. I pollinated it at 4 weeks with a lowryder male and seeds abound, but they still look pretty green. The buds are ripe with predominantly amber trichs. How can I tell when the seeds are ripe enough to harvest. Lowryders are usually ready to smoke after 8-9 weeks, but the seeds don't look ready yet. I know the plant is at its end as there is no new growth for at least 10 days. When do I know the seeds are ready to harvest?

    kronicsmurf Well-Known Member

    hate to tell you this but like any flowering plant the seeds don't normally mature until the flowers begin to die. thats why i took a few good buds off my lowryder female and left the rest for seeds:) Peace

    s.c.mtn.hillbilly Well-Known Member

    pick some and dry them...are they solid yet?

    edcocks Well-Known Member

    Seeds do seem solid. I was hoping to hear that they would ripen after harvest. Like Bananas do.

    neobes Active Member

    did the seeds mature after harvest, and were they viable?

    johnny5fingers Well-Known Member

    I have found with Lowryder sometimes the seeds are predominately tan in color. Anything less than tan is immature. If the seed is hard it is probably mature enough. At 11 weeks the seed brachs on most of the clusters should of cracked open.
    As mentioned take a seed and try to crush it with your thumb and forefinger. If the seed is very hard to crush it is probably viable.
    At 11 weeks the plant should be looking pale. If you want give them another week and they should be done.
    Dry the seeds for a month in a open container.
    Do a test run on germination and see what you get.
    I think most of the seed companies run there seeds through polishers to thin the outer wall to ease germination.

    ML75 Active Member

    do the seeds turn brown while maturing? or do they turn brown after they are dried out?

    einsteinus Active Member

    Just as with most variations the color of a viable seed will differ and will darken and harden after harvesting. Some seeds are lighter in color while others are darker..in most cases the pods will split allowing the seeds to fall to the ground. As with any polination attempt not all seeds will be viable in cases where the polinator is a female plant you may end up with 50% of the seeds being sterile as the germinator (in this case a female plant) will not have male genectics to create a male plant...so thus the term "femanized" seeds..keep in mind it takes 2 to tango and if ya only have one dancing then half those at the party won't have a partner:joint:

    chongsbuddy New Member

    6 weeks is the rule

    Budman5250 Member

    im going to breed it with chocolope and whitewidow and grow them next summer i think it will be a good mix
    what do you think both strans are indoor thay are doing very well ?
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Just breed select branches with qtip or paint brush. Make as much as you want harvest the seedless bud. Wait a minimum of at least 4 weeks. But I let nature take its course til they split the calyx. And have good dark color. I stayed in my human mother a week longer before being born. Must of been the shakes and Mcdonalds that's why lol. But really the key word here is devolopment. It also depends on genetics I note indica's have tiny beans and the sativa have huge beans but they take longer to finish too just like when they flower so pollinate sativas early. Good luck playing God.
    Crosses I made >>> satori male with greenhouse pure kush also crossed him with green house super critical.
    I have also crossed DNA annunaki hash plant male with my keeper satori mom. Also crossed annunaki male with delicious seeds super critical sensi star. :leaf:

    orellej Well-Known Member

    i'm trying to grow some seeds myself. i have picked and dried a few seeds and planted but they haven't germinated. the last couple i planted was a couple of days ago, they had spots. 1/2 lowryder 2. in nature the plant would die and dry up until the pods split, seeds fell. give it time. j

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