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How long does it take for a bud to grow from just starting to full size ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Adam, Sep 9, 2006.


    Adam Active Member

    I was wondering how long it takes for a bud to grow to full size once it has started growing on the plant ?

    big-chillin Active Member

    depends on the strain anywhere from 45-60 days ussually harvest when the hairs are around 2/3rd red

    Adam Active Member

    Well I am not sure what type of stran it is .

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    madmax420 Member

    Well bud don't worry about what you don't know about the plant. Just make sure it's healthy. Since pot comes to us in so many ways. When you start to flower depending on how you started to grow in the first place flowering can take 60 days or longer. Theres two ways you can pull your plant's do you want a body high. More for pain. Or a head high. That makes your eye's red and most of the time give you a headake. The longer you take your flowers to the breakdown point. The more better your weed will be and you will get the couch lock high that makes weed so wonderful. Hit me up snow [email protected]

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