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How Long Does CannaButter Take To Turn Solid?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Withthebiscuit, May 25, 2011.


    Withthebiscuit Well-Known Member

    How Long Does CannaButter Take To Turn Solid?
    i used lots of trim with lil oil and smudge of milk(to add fat because my butter was cholesterol free)
    and butter slow cooked for 10+ HOURRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSS
    put it in the freezer till hard then thrw it in the fridge
    wonder how long will it take to turn solid ?

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    Hi. You use the term "butter" incorrectly. Butter is made from heavy cream and salt. What you used was whipped up oil from some factory in new jersey.

    Next time, spring for real butter. It is solid at room temp.


    Withthebiscuit Well-Known Member

    whats type of butter you prefer?

    desertking Member

    anything with around 50% should work just needs to stay solid at room temp

    redivider Well-Known Member

    i'll chime in and help.

    from my own experience.

    i bought 1/2 oz of reggie. used 9 grams for my butter. ground it up fine fine fine.

    pured 2 cups of water and 1 stick of butter into a saucepan. boiled on medium high for a solid hour and a half (refilling water when necessary). butter turns greeen/brown color....

    strained out using storebought strainer and a spoon to squeeze out as much as possible. discarded plant matter. < used to include in brownies but to be honest without it tastes better.....

    strained mixture went into a glass cup. put in freezer for about 30 mins.

    the butter solidified at the top, you can just spoon it out.

    use as butter in any storebought brownie mix. most ask for 1 stick of butter. :)


    brentay New Member

    Next time just simmer for 3-6 hours dont go higher

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