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How Long Does An Ounce Last You?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Allgood, Jun 16, 2008.


    Allgood Well-Known Member

    And as most of us on here grow our own, I am talking good quality buds and good strain.

    I don't think I have ever had anything as good as what I am growing now, plus I don't smoke much. So I am going to say an ounce will last me around 2 to 2.5 months.

    The only reason I ask is growing your own is fucking hard work, and I wonder if people on here just smoke all that hard work away in less than a month (assuming an indoor grower gets 4-5 ounces a plant)

    DutchLady27 Well-Known Member

    an ounce will last me and my husband about a month but we usally only smoke at night

    Wikidbchofthewst Well-Known Member

    An ounce used to last me a week. But keep in mind, I was hanging out with lots of people, loading bowl after bowl....

    Ever since my brother quit smoking (my main smoking buddy around these parts) my bud has been lasting me a lot longer. An ounce could probably last me two weeks or more....

    Less if I go out and blaze everyone out.

    Rsixxer Well-Known Member

    DAMN!!! I don't need much to get high, an eighth last me a month to month-and-a-half. So a full OZ would be.......8-9 months!!!

    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    my wife and i will do about 1-1 1/2 oz a month...depends on how many shows we go to...

    Wh00p Well-Known Member

    i agree with wikid, when I chilled with all of main friends back in the day we would go through alotta weed.. Because when your with a group of people, its temptation to keep rolling or packing bowls..

    Now its all different. A ounce that usually stays in my house last me about a month.. ever since friends grew apart or went to jail, I have been smoking with friends at my house or theres..

    either way i enjoy how much I get a ounce of Konbud for 260..

    and then not worry for a good period of time.

    people that say they go through a ounce in a week is well shakey..

    as well as somthing stupid to say when they come to my house expecting me to smoke them up..

    so i always say "you go through a ounce of everyone elses bud in a week"

    bk4u4ever Well-Known Member

    wow i was smoking an 8th a day, but it was midgrade so yea

    BongJuice Well-Known Member

    An OZ. of some really good weed last me about a month.
    I wish it would last longer....

    loveformetal1 Well-Known Member

    heh depends on how into smoking I am for the time.. could be a couple days.. could be a week, could be a month.

    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    A week.... I feel pity for myself. Back to rehab with me.

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    i smoke about 3-7 g aday so i think an oc will last me about 4-5 dayz but i been cuttin down i smoke once every 2-3 dayz

    stumps Well-Known Member

    I find the better it is, the faster it goes. But an oz hangs around about two weeks.

    sens1 Well-Known Member

    1 month tops
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    the wife smoke three times as much as me---I'm a lightweight:mrgreen:-I use to smoke a shitload with friends.(it was nothing to burn through a quarter in a night) I use to go for the strongest shit I could find-now it's more about the taste/smell/appearance/quality-a good joint will last me a couple of days(smoking only at night) the wife smokes an 1/8th every couple of days. The situation were in now is great due to the fact we get to try a lot of different strains.

    DWR Well-Known Member

    a week.... maybe 6 days and then RE STOCK ^^
    Random noise boy

    Random noise boy Well-Known Member

    well anywhere between a week and a 3 weeks.

    and if i go fishing for the weekend, i can get through 1/2 to an oz in a weekend

    Think i need to cut down? lol

    Pookiedough Well-Known Member

    I don't know how long an oz lasts now since I don't buy anymore and I don't weigh my own but it used to last a month maybe?

    skiskate Well-Known Member

    An ounce will probably last me around 6 weeks. I like conserving my bud. Mostly because im cheap and havent had a grow going yet. But I bet when I start growing i'll be smoking an ounce in 2 weeks haha.

    Mulltie Well-Known Member

    1 ounce=3-4 weeks
    but theres always certain occasions where you cud blaze a Z in one night with a coule friends
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2008

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    an ounce will last me about a week, although now that I grow my own though, it's slowly moving to less than a week.

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