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How long do you normally veg?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by MightyBuddha, Dec 16, 2006.


    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    This being my first grow I am not looking for the biggest plants but I do want a decent yield. So how long/how much growth does everyone look for before switching to flowering? I have a 400W MH and some CFLs that they are vegging under and will switch to the HPS bulb for flower. I am not there yet but am curious what most people do.

    Heres a few pics just for shiggles (heard Bob Saget say it on 1v100)


    vandewalle Well-Known Member

    if you are keeping those plants in that system it would probably be good to veg for 3-4 weeks. then flowering should give you a decent quarter-third of an ounce per plant
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    Trichome God

    Trichome God Active Member

    Because you are not using clones you need to wait untill your plants show signs of clayx development which will happen when the plant is mature enough change the photoperiod and flower. After four or five weeks of veg. growth look for tiny organs at the base of a branches stem and the main stem of the plant. When you see calyx the plant is mature enough to flower. The clayx will also tell the sex of your plant. If the tiny growth is raised on a stem than it is a male. If the small growth is not raise in a few days a pistol will emerge and you have a female!!!! If you do not wait, and force flower you will (most of the time) end up with a herme, which is a plant that is both male and female NOT GOOD!!!!!!! The set up looks good.
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    Trichome God

    Trichome God Active Member

    Also dont confuse clayx with a branch growing off a branch. If you are not sure than give it a few days and you will know. Now anouther thing to.... if you are growing an sativa speices it may take 6-8 weeks or longer before you see calyx development, be pateint it is worth it. If you are growing Indica you will see calyx by the 6th week

    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice... I only know the strain of 4 seeds out of the 18 or so I have going. The one seed bank offering 10 free seeds with order doesn't even let you know what you get for free!

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    I don't believe this is true. If you're saying that the stress of early inducement will cause a hermie, then most indoor growers who start from seed should have all hermies. Because of height restrictions, most don't allow seed plants to veg long enough to reach maturity (alternate phyllotaxy) before switching to 12/12.

    And the stuff about the calyx developing before flowering, I didn't know the preflowers were called a calyx, since that is part of the flower.


    growing my plant in the window... do i need to put it in a dark area to flower? its two months old
    pics on my page

    smokeythehippo Active Member

    well as far as i know wich is from a few helpful posts from this site; switch your lighting to 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of dark and it tells the plant its time to flower. and after reading a few of these a few people say that if you give it a 24 hours dark period it increases budding. idk if this is true but itd be nice happy growing!

    JAZZ Active Member

    you need to put your plant to bed for 12 hours a day no light at all....in a well ventilated area...try to be consistent with nap time...and window time...

    damanbanks Member

    i haver indica plants that are 3months and still getting taller and bushy on a 24 hr cycle no signs yet but imma force it to 12 12 see what happens

    Antman Well-Known Member

    Thanks Potroast, for saving me the time it would have taken to type that.

    Thrichome God, valiant effort bro. You get an "A" for trying to help out, but it's back to the "Growfaqs" for ya my boy. Read it, then read it again.
    Heads Up

    Heads Up Well-Known Member

    One of the things about indoor growing, you can do what you want, try anything and experiment like crazy. You can also get the plants we like to grow to do almost anything. Vegging is a matter of preference. What about people who grow 12/12 from seed? Where's the vegging period then? I vegged my plants for twenty five days, not quite a foot tall, I didn't want massive plants. Most of us who do grow indoors are either restricted by space or light or both. I finally put together a real grow room. I have ten plants going under a six hundred watt light, my first hid grow. All ten turned out to be females and so I had to order another light so I can spread them out and let them get the light they need. I was figuring I would get five maybe six females. For once, I didn't mind being wrong.
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    Michcplwst Member

    I veg until i have alternating nodes..(at least one set)..Its just a good sign of maturity of a plant..Have fun and enjoy

    PainWrek Active Member

    i veg from clone for 4 weeks, from seed about 6-8, but this last go round i only vegged for 5 weeks from seed, and glad i did cuz theyz monstas...
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    Laxmid18 Member

    First time grower I let my plant get about 12 inches before flowering and it's been on a 12 12 cycle for about 10 days but no sign of flowering or the sex. Did I flower to early? I'm not looking for a big yield I jus wanted to grow my own.

    fengshui Active Member

    Laxmid18, there is no definitive "They'll show sex after XX days" number, just keep her perky and she'll show them titties (or balls...but lets hope for titties) soon.
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    xX2FaDeD247Xx Active Member

    depends on what you want...that's borderline a SoG, you could throw them into flowering tomorrow if you really wanted? you'd be lucky if you got 1/2-1 full oz per plant but it could be done. personally i go anywhere from 5-10 weeks of veg depending on how crowded i need the tent to be. this grow in particular is only going to be 6, maybe 7, due to the amount of plants and the way the canopy is forming. it's all circumstantial like just about everything else at the end of the day. good luck wit it!

    Shanty Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I would like to offer my 2 cents, probably really only worth minus 2 cents. As said by many, a clone is always the age of the parent, so I agree with looking at the little calyx. People say "But I have a limited grow space, I have to keep them small" True, true. USE LED or CFL. Personally, use a 5 Tube 3 foot 325W Panel CFL. You can all put set this so low, the plant has no work to get the light it wants and burn is almost non existent with these lights, be it LED or CFL. I go by a basic formula and one can accept it or deny it. From seed, the plant really needs to follow the natural genetics (Auto-Flower N/A) 45 Days. Again, using NON MH/HPS, burn is just not an issue. As you all know, the less the plant needs to get to light, the smaller and bushy it stays. Also as you know, once turned to Flower, most genetics will end up 18-24 inches higher in that time in Growth. Again, closer light, less stretch. Some will, especially with space issues, keep the LED or CFL (If not using those the whole way) use either. If you want more larger bud, you turn to HPS. I do not even use, wait I do not grow, HPS until the last 3 weeks in the flower mode. I do not take away CFL/LED even then, but place the HPS at least 2-3 feet above the top. Just my minus 2 cents.
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    SpaaaceCowboy Well-Known Member

    bump....how long should I vegg my plant for in a 2 gallon air-pot ? it holds an actual 1.2 gallons of soil...

    I am basically doing this just to fill a small space left in my flowering chamber....Plant is Dinafem Critical Jack, fwiw.

    I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of a week or two.

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