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How long do Seeds take to Sprout from Germination?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by 420aus, Jan 29, 2012.


    420aus Member

    Hey all, so I germinated my seeds for about 36 hours, taproot came out and I planted them about 5-7mm deep. How long will they take to sprout under 18/6 130W CFL's? It's been almost 2 days now.

    tyinman04 Member

    From what i understand light isn't necessary until you see green. Meaning it sprouted and is showing leaves. I on the other hand had a light on way way above the soil and it sprouted in 24 hours. It really depends on the length of time. It could be 12hrs to 2 weeks. Hows your soil?

    420aus Member

    yeh the soil is pretty new got it out of the bag...little bit dry...should i dig around to see if anything has progressed or just leave it be?

    bkbbudz New Member

    Do notdig around in the soil. I would turn the lights off until they sprout. But that is JMHO. You will prob get about 50/50 reponses saying light or no light. put some saran wrap over the top of the pot, this will keep humidity and moisture in the medium.

    420aus Member

    i have a feeling it may be because of the lights...i have them about 6 inches from the top of the pot so that could be the reason they are stunting?? p.s. this is my first grow so go easy on me :D

    bkbbudz New Member

    Could be but probably not. what medium (Soil) are you using and have you added anything to it or just use it from the bag? And have you given the seeds fertilizer or nutrients of any kind?

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    i'd start to worry at day 5. personally i keep the light on(although i dont germinate my seeds first anymore as tbh they dont seem to come up any faster to me)after day 2 or 3 as thats when they'll usually start popping and i cant always check on em often to turn the lights on right when the first one pops up.

    420aus Member

    bkb, just regular potting soil, says on the bag good for indoor and outdoor plants has basic fertilizers etc. maybe im just stressing because its my first grow :\

    bkbbudz New Member

    That is probably correct. It is so exciting planting new seeds. It is easy to get overly carried away. Fun ain't it?:lol:

    bkbbudz New Member

    Does the bag say it has time released fertilizer? Or say, Feeds up to so many weeks or months?

    tyinman04 Member

    I had great results with having a spray bottle on hand and keeping the soil moist. Good luck! And i'm sure you're mind is playing some nasty games with yah ;)

    CaptainCarnival Active Member

    remember its very easy to love your plants to death we all have at least almost done it at one point

    GunRunner Active Member

    I just started my Pineapple Chunk from Barney's farm, hope my data satisfies your question:

    > Germinating in wet paper towel method @ 71 degrees Fahrenheit - 59% Relative Hunidity: Shell broke ad taproot emerged to 1/3 of an inch in 48 hours.
    > Transplanted into pre-soaked in 5.5 PH water Grodan rock-wool cube and placed under a 23W CFL: Seed De-shelled in 18 hours
    > 20 hours of lights on since starting in rock-wool: 72 Hours since seed - First set of embryonic leaves (cotyledons) appeared.

    Pretty fast huh?

    rocknrube Member

    WOW! Dude My G13 sprouted in like 39 hours also! Very fast using the same method man! Now check em out on my journal ! Let me know what you think bro ?

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    Here's a little tip.
    if you germinate in a paper towel, you don't need to bury the seed in the soil. Just the root. Water the soil before you put the sprout in the soil, you want to see the top of the seed husk. And it needs light 24/0 20/4 18/6 what ever, don't put the light to close.
    And never touch your seeds. Allways use a pair of clean tweezers.

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    When it does pop up...don't pour more soil over it. ;-)

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