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How long do nutes last before they "expire"?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by GandalfdaGreen, Apr 19, 2013.


    GandalfdaGreen Well-Known Member

    I have been searching the forum this info for awhlie. Used the search feature with no luck. I know I have seen some opinions somewhere. I have some unopened/unused FF thats about 4 years old. Its been stored in a cool dark place for the entire time. Why would they go bad? Also why would GH 3 part flora series go bad if they send it into space? Do I really have to toss the older nutes out and fork over more money? Any input would be appreciated.

    GanjaHome Active Member

    depends. shake 'em well before use if they were perfectly stored u wont have a problem! but i wont use something like 2 years old

    ProdigalSun Well-Known Member

    You could call them and ask. Prolly an (800) # on the back.

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