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How long do i veg for???? Help!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by oligrow, Oct 29, 2011.


    oligrow Member

    Hey everyone I have grown many time's But have never grown a sog grow and need some advice How long do I veg for ? I want my plants between 12" to 18" when done, I have about 70 clones vegging since 10-17 I have northern light, medi bud, jack herer and super silver haze. I'm growing in a 8x8x6 custom made tent with maylar using haight solid state ppf-800's this is my second grow with these lights first one came out really good but had to cut it short which really sucked !!!! I am used to growing under 4 1000w hps in a much larger space and always grew my plants 4' to 5' so this is new for me any advice would be helpful also I have plenty of ppf-800's bought 15 sold some off because didn't need that many once I seen how they work so I still have 8.I've also have already started some bubblegum, thc bomb and white rhino. so really need some advice. I have 11 plants now 6 weeks into flower and 4 weeks into flower only using 2 ppf-800's for flower heres some pics. Thanks !!!~!!
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  2. looks like you are already into 12.12 and out of veg.

    oligrow Member

    No those ( in the pics ) are the ones I took clones from I have 66 clones from them and in 24/7 vegging since 10-17 and the ones in the pics some have been flowering since 9-15 and some end of Sept. I need to about how long to veg my clones for sog want plants around 12" to 18" when finished.

    lonestand Active Member

    rule of thumb is, your plant will pretty much double in size once placed into flower

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    If you flip now you're blooms will all be about a foot tall. Wait longer and the end result will be longer. Okee dokee? There's a certain amount of stretch that happens at about the time you flip. But you can always lst or super crop to fit your height constraints.

    Edit: I read yesterday, mb it was professor marijuana, who takes his cuttings and gives them like 72hrs of dark then flips em to 12/12. He gets some beautiful product. Look it up in the newbie section.

    oligrow Member

    Thanks for advice!!!!!

    oligrow Member

    Alright thanks for the advice I'm going post pics once a week in my journal to show a sog with leds. So everyone can see how things turn out !!!!

    lonestand Active Member

    i look forward to your results

    Damnecro Active Member

    45-60days for roots. Git going too fast u will see your yield drop alot. if u need them a certain heighth cut the tops off a lil while before you place them in bud. U might want to look into Bushmaster if u don't want them bigger then a 1' 1/2'.

    GanjaGod420000 Well-Known Member

    Great point! This should tell u about all u need to know... For plants to only ever reach 12-16" tall, I'd say they'd have to be on 12/12 from seedling, but I never grow this way, nor suggest it... An adept grower usually lets their plants have at least a month of veg time, if not more, to develop a decent root system, like myself, and they likely use pruning techniques to control height and shape, and when they do decide to flower, they know the 25-50% increase in size, as once plants r put in flowering, they continue to veg and this is the "stretch" we talk about, and for people using a trellis system, no matter what type, they will train each branch to grow into and/or thru the individual squares of the mesh, if itz a ScrOG or SOG setup... SO, if a bigger harvest is what u r looking for, I would totally suggest letting them veg out before flowering, and use the above described methods, and if certain branches still persist on getting "too tall", then I would just tie them down gently on the trellis, and let them become more of what they want to be... And thatz my 2 cents...

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