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how long do i let the pump run???

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by smokey420bandit, Dec 25, 2009.


    smokey420bandit Member

    so i bought me a genhydro water farm, its a drip system, and i had a few questions?
    do i leave the pump on 24/7 to water, do i shut it off?
    and i have been doing 12/12 for the lights. is that good?
    any helpful hints would be great.
    i have just one plant in it now.

    thanks stoners!

    rreign Active Member

    I don't know much about drip systems but I can tell you that with a bubbleponics system, you only leave the pump on 24/7 until the roots touch water in the resevoir. I would assume that it's based on the same principle. Feed tubes 24/7 plus the water intake from the resevoir would be way too much water/nutrients and cause all sorts of issues. This is your first post, so I suggest doing some research and using that awesome SEARCH link right below the RIU banner. Hope I could help.

    aram Member

    i have my pump go on 3 times a day for half an hour at a time and they seem to be doing ok.. as long as they get enough water and oxygen they'll do fine

    rightchoice Member

    i have my water lines poked thru the net pots like the stealth hydro system - they reccomend watering for 3 minutes every hour once roots hit the water - i tried that and noticed growth slow down so i water 24/7 no issues and plants grew 11 inches from seed in 4.5 weeks and i am getting 2-3 nodes per inch . theres tonnes of oxygen in the water and the plants will only drink when they need to - you cant overwater with hydro but you can shorten the life of your equipment by having come on and off all the time .

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