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how long after flower for buds to grow?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by girldatgrows, Aug 14, 2008.


    girldatgrows Well-Known Member

    well i know this is a noobie question but im curious about how long after you begin to flower can i expect to see buds :) i know i should just be patient and wait and see but i thought maybe some of you that know could let a noobie know lol. they are mostly indica strain i think and are 1 week and a day into flowering now... how much longer friends?? bongsmilie

    calicat Well-Known Member

    That is a hard question for anyone to answer. Too many factors involved. You have the strain of the plant. The environment you are providing for the plant..are you having ideal conditions for temperature, humidity, pH, lighting, nutrients, water, ventilation, co2 enrichment, etc. I would suggest to exercise patience and they will show bud points when they are meant to show. Best of luck.

    SquirrelGod New Member

    In a week you should see signs of pre-flower. (depending on strain) By two weeks you should start to see a cola forming from the top, and at every node there should be a lot of pistols, the pistols, will become buds, as they grow closer together, and fatten up. You shouldn't see bud till it's a month in, and they wont be ready for harvest for another 2-4 weeks. (depending on strain)

    girldatgrows Well-Known Member

    aight thanks! just trying to see if im on pace behind or what :) i have preflowers and have sexed all my plants but 2. i have another ? though i topped one of my plants and its showing pistols everywhere just no hairs or no balls... could this mean its a girl? could it be slow b/c of topping..do all fems have hairs comming out da pistols? alot of ?s but maybe someone can help :) thanks guys:blsmoke:

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    a good month in you will have some bud sites for sure
    The sim's Bob Newbie

    The sim's Bob Newbie Well-Known Member

    After 3 weeks flowering mine SUDDENLY started to look like mini buds after looking like, well...the top of a plant lol:mrgreen:

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Goddamn people, they aren't pistols, pistols are used to shoot bullets, they are called PISTILS. No fuckin O in the word.

    Rant off.

    usually 2 weeks and you start to see flowering take off along with a big growth spurt.
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    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    Every message board needs a spell checker!:roll:

    girldatgrows Well-Known Member

    hey thanks for the replys! yep still keepin close watch ;) but i hope you guys dont mind me buggin you with another ? i have 2 plants that are still undetermined one of them i had topped a couple weeks ago.. now it has pistils all over it.. but no hairs and no balls... could this mean its a feamle? and can fems grow pistils w/hairs im confused on this one lol any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks again guys!! keep on tokenbongsmilie<3gdg

    girldatgrows Well-Known Member

    oh and corrected the pistils for ya no drama lol my bad im a video game addict so when i here pistil or pistol lol yeah thats what i think so yep thx for the correction. :mrgreen:
    green thumb matt

    green thumb matt Active Member

    The pistil is the white hair. The calyx is the pointy lookin thing that the hairs come out of. If you have a cluster of balls with no hairs and they start to hang down you have male.

    Reeny Well-Known Member

    White hairs= female, balls = males and if you got both well... then you got a hermi.

    The good news is that males generally show sex first. So in this case no news is good news and there is a good chance you got a girl.

    ugzkmk Well-Known Member

    for someone with a name like nodrama, you such are trying to stir some up. this isnt a thesis.

    pistils and hairs are the same thing. they eventually turn red, brown, etc and recede back in to the green calyx.

    mastergrower420 Member

    more then likely if there are no balls then its fem.
    and yes all females will eventually have the pistils everywhere... wich are the famous white hairs we all know of :eyesmoke:

    zara Member

    i have being flowering my plant for 3 weeks now. the top of my plant is full off wee buds. do i just keep my plant on 12/12 until budding is finnished?

    lime73 Weed Modifier

    Yup, that is correct.

    zara Member

    do i keep my plant on 12/12 all the way thro budding?

    zara Member

    the bottom off my plant has no buds. its all over the top is that ok?

    lime73 Weed Modifier

    How big is your plant and what light are you using?

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