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How late can you take clones in flower?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by infdjedi, Jan 19, 2010.


    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I am 2.5 weeks into flower and still havent had time to take clones (lots of traveling). Is it too late? These babies are from clones I took from seed-started-plants at week 1 flowering and they turned out fine.

    Would it be faster to start from feminized seeds again?


    burninjay Active Member

    after 2 and a half weeks, they probably have full intent to flower. Will probably take a while to change their minds at this point, but hard to say if a seed will beat them. revegging produces some crazy branching tho, if you like your plants bushy, it might cut down on veg time later on.

    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    Hmm.. interesting. I guess I will just try it and see what happens. Might as well do a few seeds incase. Anyone else tried cloning so late? I dont care if it takes 4 weeks to start growing in veg again.

    burninjay Active Member

    If I like the test smoke before harvest and I didn't take a clone, I'll root a bud and wait it out. It's never too late.

    tone702 Well-Known Member

    you can take clones very late into flower..ive done it, the later in flower it is the longer it will take to root and to revert back to veg stage but ive had plenty of good results using re veg method.. I had a thread on it but cant find it, if I do ill post it.
    i like cake

    i like cake Member

    yeah, i've taken clones from a flowering and they to take longer to start regrown but the clone looks a lot more bushier then you would think try it out

    nutfoot Well-Known Member

    I cloned my crop when they were all 1.5 weeks into flower ( it took that long for all them to develop enough good clones for me to take.) The clones rooted in a week and look healthy as can be to me. Also I have a large plant in my growroom that was flowered for just over a week, then revegged for 2 more weeks, then reflowered, and shes a beauty, the ONLY thing Ive noticed about her different is that it took alot longer for her white hairs an buds to start developing again compared to the plants that went straight to flower.

    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    Wow.. great advice guys. Thank you so much this site rocks.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Infdjedi if the clones don't take - and the problem will probably be woody cuttings rather than time in flower - try root cloning. Take a couple of hand fulls of roots from the bottom side of your bucket, put them in a dark bucket, sprinkle with distilled water if too dry, cover with black plastic, wait a few weeks (2-4 weeks) and you'll have hundreds of shoots with calydons.

    When you take your cutting for cloning look for the branch that looks like it's freshly grown, pulpy not woody. Do scarification up the cutting to give it multiple rooting spots, especially towards the top of the cutting where the branch will be freshly grown.

    At 2 1/2 weeks of flower you should be OK for cloning if you pick a pulpy cutting. Use 24/0 lighting but no direct light, weak light source. How are the flowers developing? What type of cloning method will you use?



    thelastpirate Well-Known Member

    I've taken 'em as late as 6-8 weeks, and I'll never willingly do that again. It was what the plants went thru that I wasn't ready for. They will look like hammered ass. You will get single leaf fans with no serrations, spiral leafed fans, and any and all sorts of freakish growth. They will look like anything but Cannabis! I am now on gen 3 of those cuttings and still have some evidence of re-veg. (Curved, one-sided fan fingers)
    I know the plant count will be higher than most are comfy with, but I now clone the hell out of anything I'm not sure about so that if I like it, I already have rooted clones to work with.


    potspot Member

    I've cloned a number of my plants that were in flower and haven't had any problems. Actually the good thing is that if you grow from seed and you're able to know for sure that it's a girl it makes it all the better. I have clones that were from the flowering stage, they're now 1 1/2 feet tall and look great.

    liblah Well-Known Member

    iv cloned at harvest, takes a while to root and the re-vegateive growth can get messy but slight trimming fixes it right up.
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    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    Hobbes: Thank you for such a detailed post.

    Hmm.. how do I describe the flowers? I guess they are at that pre-bud stage, where around 5-10 calyxes and pistils start densing up on the top of all branches. On my last run, they start taking off around week 3 (bud production).

    I use the rockwool method right now, but am going to try and build an AERO CLONER for my next run. I presoak rockwool in pH 5.5 water with a little bit of B1-RED. I open each rockwool cube and place a cutting freshly dipped in Olivia's cloning gel. I have done it once before and had about 80% survival rate, which was OK by me.

    In terms of woody vs pulpy cuttings.. I think I know what you mean. The plants I have have been topped multiple times so each one has 4-6 main branches all the same height. I basically topped them then used LST to pull them out. This allowed light to get inside and recently all the nodes there have started to stretch. These little nodes are the newest growth and are only about 3-4 inches long. They are the most "pulpy" as any of the 4-6 main branches are very tough and "woody". They will be real small clones, but thats alright be me I have time to get them big if they root. Is this what you mean Hobbes?

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    "This allowed light to get inside and recently all the nodes there have started to stretch. These little nodes are the newest growth and are only about 3-4 inches long. They are the most "pulpy" as any of the 4-6 main branches are very tough and "woody". They will be real small clones, but thats alright be me I have time to get them big if they root. Is this what you mean Hobbes?"

    Perfect. Look for the light green flexible shoots.

    You brought up stretch - if the plants are still stretching give them 24-36 hours dark before you take your cutting, the new cells from the stretch are the ones you want for the fastest rooting. When I take a clonner full of cuttings at once and give the mothers 36 hours dark before taking the cutting I'll get roots on some in under 2 days in a bubbler.

    If you want to go areo clonning (refered to as a "bubbler" on most forums, although true areo clonners are different than bubblers. Not many people talk about using pure areo clonners, touch more expensive and takes more minding, but quicker) there are a lot of simple cloner designs and instructions on the site. Though it can be as, or more, expensive to make your own cloner sometimes. I use 3 gallon black buckets; lid with 10 x 2" holes cut in; 2" mesh baskets and neoprene inserts; aquarium air pump (2 x 3500cc), 6 small air stones; 2 gang valves; air tubing; weighted disk to keep air stones in place; twist ties; aquarium heater and thermometer). It can add up DIY but I find it's good to make my own equipment to know how everything works, and why.

    Sounds like you should have no problem if your plants are still in, or just out of, stretch. Good luck, let us know how things go please. If you post in this thread we'll get notices. thanks.



    obsocal Member

    I have some blueberry X hawgsbreath clones from a flowering plant.They are all rooted well,I have alot of white hairs coming out and you can see tiny trics on the leaves.When will i know im back in vegative stage?How do i reveg them?They all look good about 3-4 inches tall,am i already back in the vegative stage?I want to make sure they are going in the right direction.Thanks for any help you guys could give me.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    "When will i know im back in vegative stage?"

    When you see new stem growth.

    "How do i reveg them?"

    24/0 light.

    "They all look good about 3-4 inches tall,am i already back in the vegative stage?"

    If any of the growth is new you are in veg - are there any new nodes?



    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    i have taken clones from a 7 week flowering plant successfully.
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    HomeGrownHairy Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I just finished my 4th week in flower in a dwc and I have one AK48 that I really like and I really want to clone her. I'm pH'ing a couple of cubes now! + rep:leaf:

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