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how i made a simple cfl reflector

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 4train2wreck0, Aug 5, 2007.


    4train2wreck0 Well-Known Member

    someone sent me a message today asking how i built my reflector, so i typed out this tutorial real quick:

    "i'd be more than happy to share how i built it

    First, here's the supplies i used:

    - Cardboard (i bought a trifold used for presentations at walmart)
    - Mylar
    - Duct Tape
    - Light Sockets (here's the ones i got from lowes, the usually have the little metal reflector on them)
    - 4 Little elbow things to help hang your light
    - 8 Nuts and bolts to attach little elbow things
    - Power strip with at least 6 sockets

    First you are going to want to find out how large you want your reflector to be and how many plants are going to sit under it.

    Take your cardboard and outline your measurements on it. Start with the top of the reflector, then get the sides. Make sure you remember to cut the side panels at a slant so light can be pushed outwards a bit and not directly down. Here's the measurements for mine:

    After you have all your peices cut out, it's time to line them with mylar to help reflect light down. take you mylar sheet and lay the peice of cardboard on top of it. Fold the sides back one by one and tape them down. Try to do it as tight as possible, but not so tight that there are wrinkles in the mylar.

    When your peices are all shiny, find a flat surface and lay the top of your reflector shiny part down. If you haven't already, measure where your sockets are going to be. I used six but i'm adding three more later on, the more the merrier.

    Okay so you have your top shiny part down. Start taking the sides of the reflector and taping them to the top part. Do this before you tape the sides together. Once all the side panels are attached you can flip it over and start taping the sides of the side panels together. Simple as that!

    Now just attach your elbows to hang the light from, add the power strip (i attached mine with velcro), install your lights and VOILA you have a simple CFL reflector!"

    thesnowboarder Active Member

    Nice! thanks ill be using your design when i decide how many plants i want in my closet! What wattage cfl's are you using?

    4train2wreck0 Well-Known Member

    26 but i'm getting 3 75's

    socal*bud Active Member

    Thats pretty nice, those be some good looking plant u have there good job


    4train2wreck0 Well-Known Member

    thanks these babies are my first :)

    thesnowboarder Active Member

    ok cool i was thinking 3 75watt ones for two clones i may be getting from a friend very soon, Is there a certine CFL i should be looking for when i buy some? or just any old one with 75 watt rating?

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    not a bad deflector.
    I use tin pie trays.
    I cut a hole in the middle and slide the socket thru it.
    I use them on dual cfl's with y socket setups.

    They work pretty good to contain any light that is going up and to any upward angle.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Looks like it works but also looks like a huge fire hazard keep an extiguisher close lol

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    Yeah I might would drop the cardboard.
    Fletch is right.
    Safety should always be first.

    If you could snip that out of a sheet of metal it wold be great.

    I would recomend the coke reflectors people use or the tin pie tray that I use.

    I know the pie tray works I have been using them since I started with cfl's

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member

    The base of the cfl contains it's ballast and it will get hot after they have been on long enough.

    The bulb itself is usually not as hot as the base.

    BloodShotI'z Well-Known Member

    4.99 ea. Walmart....less fire risk.

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