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How hot would a cfl get???

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by New2GrowWeed, Nov 24, 2011.


    New2GrowWeed Member


    New2GrowWeed Member

    ohh and also how many would i need for a 36w x 18d x 42h metal cabinet with about 6 to 8 plants


    Silversun Active Member

    It really all depends on your grow space, ventilation, etc. Sorry for the vague answer but your question was also kinda vague. If you had more details we might be able to offer more help.

    Edit for you second post: 6-8 plants is a lot for that size of a cab IMO. I would say 10-12 lights if you wanted to try it though.

    New2GrowWeed Member

    yea sorry it was kinda lateand i was tiered as hell

    tokingtiger Well-Known Member

    i would say 4 bulbs. 4x85=340watts, normally 400-600 watts is needed for a 4ft(x)4ft or 16sq ft area and yours is much smaller like 4.5 sq ft. you would need to figure out your venting needs. I would guess a 4in fan and filter combo should exhaust OK. depends on your intake of fresh air and the temperature of the intake air also. you want your plants growing in temps you too are comfy. 72-78f you don't want to go over 85f because it could shut down your plants progress. Your plants will literally take a time out of a couple hours up to a whole 2 weeks of stopped maturing if you stay too hot or too cold for very long. under 58 or over 85.

    New2GrowWeed Member

    thanks my house is normally at 78-79 my room is some times depending on whats on light,tv, ect. it usually gets to about 80 or so would that be a problem and i could also put a piece of glass between the lights and plants to prevent too much heat from getting to the plants. any thoughts???

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