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How high can you get?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by adm11, Apr 22, 2008.


    adm11 Active Member

    I hear people talking about getting more stoned off one weed than another, and even claiming its the most high they have ever gotten. Or say they have never been as high as they are with a certain strain.

    I was wondering if there is a cut off point to how high you can get, no matter how much, or quality you smoke.

    I have come to the conclusion that there is a peak at which point you cannot get more faded.

    So, if you smoke a joint and feel nice and stoned, will you get any more so
    by smoking a second joint?

    Sorry if this don't make sense, was just hoping for an explination.

    mmclean3 Well-Known Member

    First really depends from person to person. Another reason u hear people say that about different strains is cause it all depends on whats dominant in the plant. Sativa or indica . There are soo many different kinds of highs from different strains etc, certain people like certain ones more, and some think its teh best simply casue they like that high the most, its basically all amatter of opinon as for smoking more and more. If it doesnt make u higher if anything it keeps u high n plus its fun just to smoke in general :P

    Then you also have to consider the THC level CBC CBD CBN levels. I think there was one more not sure. Different percentages in those leevels will change or effect the high or how long it may last etc, they believe.
    humbo jumbo

    humbo jumbo Well-Known Member

    When you get so faded that you no longer feel like your high! Thats my limit!

    And out of personal experience depending on the quality if its regs or something I can never really get past a certain point.

    However, ive been doing some reading lately. Came on some information that said most people shouldn't need anymore than .3-.5 in a glass on glass bong at a time.

    I quote

    " Tolerance - Many patients claim to develop a tolerance over time to medicinal cannabis that requires these patients to increase their dosage. In our experience, we feel that most cannabis tolerance issues are myths. It has been shown in research studies that overdosing on cannabis reduces its effects. Most tolerance is caused by overdosing. Many cannabis users believe that tolerance can be avoided by switching among cannabis strains, which is another myth. The variations in the effects of different cannabis strains are caused by the different ratios of cannabinoids and pharmacologically active essential oils found in each cannabis strain. The variance in these essential oils is one of the primary causes for why different cannabis strains produce individual effects. It's possible that certain essential oils in cannabis lose their effectiveness when taken continuously over time, but this has not been proven in research studies. The only way to reduce so-called "tolerance" is to reduce dosage."

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    lol i think its true when they say you can smoke yourself sober...
    i've done it...
    you just end up wasting bud getting high again.

    papajock Well-Known Member

    .3-.5 grams. Thats all I smoke at a time. About 5-7 tokes, every 3-5 hours.

    Lacy New Member


    adm11 Active Member

    I have to agree. When you smoke continuously throughout the day, you are pretty much 100% sober.

    After getting sick of smoking so much I wasnt stoned, I put big breaks(3-5 hours) in between sessions and it brings back the O so welcomed high.

    I also like not smoking for an extended time, say 2 or more days. The buzz is quite good and reminds me why I love this plant so much.

    borohead Active Member

    Agree that the more you smoke, the less high you feel as you mind adjusts. Same with heavy drinkers. After a while it becomes your natural state and you might as well be smoking tobacco. Been there done that. If you have a period of inactivity, the next doober gets you very high, but then after a few days you need more and more to reach that same level.

    An earlier thread discussed whether or not someone could smoke a half z per day. Been there and done that. I've also been able to drink over 200 oz. of beer a day. Next day there were no after affects and no problem going to work.

    A friend was busted for growing back in the previous century. The cops could not believe that he didn't deal because of the quantity, but it was all for personal use.

    back to the original question: You should reach a point where you are so stoned that you just sit there holding your doober in your hand. Then it falls out of your hand. Then you find it during your next dry spell and consider it a gift from above.

    Since everyone here uses for medicinal purposes, except for those of us here for entertainment purposes only, you should avoid get that blasted. But this old hippie has been there and done that in the past.

    bucky Active Member

    i like to drink coffee or work out when i start to come down . . . it helps me clear out before i gunk myself up again. i'll also have a beer, then a joint, another beer, then smoke my tobacco pipe to keep myself lit on the weekends. also, when i start to get used to the feeling to much, a change of scenery really helps like a brisk ride in the convertible or a nature walk.

    adm11 Active Member

    I'm going to have to remember these tips! thanks

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    you aint never been high til youve smoked a half ounce blunt, the trick is smoking it all in one sitting if you burn a joint than bern one in a few than bern another it dosent work you dont get higher
    humbo jumbo

    humbo jumbo Well-Known Member

    28g blunt 7 different types of bud and Lebanese hash oil through out the whole thing. Filled up the entire building with smoke, had to turn on the huge carbon filters because the torch we use for hot hitting hash wasn't turning on because of a lack of oxygen in the room. (I think?) Turned right on after the smoke cleared.

    Was pretty nuts, first hit just glazed over my entire head.

    Sure got boring after a while though

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    lol smoked a 5g blunt of saved roaches for 420. (oldest was about a month an a half old)
    wasnt bad had to move to the backyard cause it was so smokey..
    got really resinated though.
    adm11 likes this.
    humbo jumbo

    humbo jumbo Well-Known Member

    AH YES! The roach blunts! Those things get freaking crazy sometimes. By the end of the of it the paper is just wet with resin get some fatty rips outta that!!

    Good times man, good times!

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    hahahahahaha damn straight.
    lasted the longest. tired of smokin it half way through. lol

    kearners Well-Known Member

    well i think that if i smoked a few joints i would get fairly stoned but if i smoke a big joint i feel its more hard hitting nd longer lasting really, but i still prefer sitting around with about 3 ppl d 2 or 3 thin joints as a warm up before the big joints come out!! i lyk the stone alot more!! hey man random question in the middle of a differant thread buthow do you make a thread? i cant seem to be able!?

    adm11 Active Member

    On another note here, but how many people smoke joints VS. blunts. I have smoked a few blunts, they taste pretty good. I prefer to wrap a large joint (with the orange zig zags)myself.

    This could be a cultural thing though. Black dudes love their blunts and us whities like an old fashioned joint. ... but I could be wrong of course, just from my own experience
    humbo jumbo

    humbo jumbo Well-Known Member

    I prefer small personal j's over anything else!

    A nice j to get you buzzin!! :hump::hump:

    AnitaNuggs Well-Known Member

    i love personal j's too...
    :D makin me want one.....

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    I love blunts because they're so much easier to make then J's in my opinion (can't roll for shit:P).

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